Highlight uncommited git files on the sidebar

morden.christopher 3 year бұрын • updated by Jerome Indefenzo 1 year бұрын 3

This is a similar feature with Atom, wherein whenever you edit a file, the folder path to that file and the file it self changes its color or gets highlighted. This helps the user to easily track his/her changes especially on a very congested project.


Remote projects and version control integration

Oneiric Ocelot 7 year бұрын • updated by Conan Cook 7 year бұрын 5
It would be nice to have following features implemented:

1) remote projects editing (ftp/sftp with local copy and syncing files with remote location on save)

2) version control integration (svn/git/mercurial)

Having these 2 features implemented will surely draw a lot of attention from users who are currently using text editors like gedit (linux) or e-texteditor (win/linux)

Find in Files Progress Indicator (with ability to cancel)

Sean Kubin 7 year бұрын • updated by vladisld 10 ай бұрын 3
It would be great if there was some indication of a Find in Files that is currently running. Also, a way to cancel the Find.

Option for autocomplete to search all open documents, not just current one

Matt Baker 7 year бұрын • updated by Vladislav Turbanov 6 year бұрын 18
It would be super useful if autocomplete searched all open buffers/documents for words, instead of just the one being currently edited. This is basically how Vim's Omnicomplete works (unless you deck it out with crazy options and plugins). It also seems like a much quicker option than the full-blown Intellisense-style proposals for autocomplete, and wouldn't need language-level support.

If there are people who prefer single-buffer completion, maybe it would just be a flag somewhere that could be set to enable multi-buffer autocomplete?

Ordering the suggestions would be a bit more difficult for multi-buffer completion, but I guess you could just throw all of the suggestions from other buffers beneath the distance-sorted suggestions from the current one being edited.

I think Sublime Text 2 can be to Linux what Textmate is for Mac OSX

Sebastián Veggiani 8 year бұрын • updated by uid 7 year бұрын 5
Keep the good work. We will purchase some licences once some critical issues for us will be solved.

Keep the good work!

New logo and icon

James Brooks 8 year бұрын • updated by Joel Thornton 6 year бұрын 25
With the alpha release of Sublime 2, I think that a new logo should be bundled with it

Maybe it's just me, but I find the current icon doesn't describe the application very well. From what I can tell, it's supposed to display that Sublime is focused on the middle of the window, ergo, the code.

A new logo and icon would add a new lease of life to it. Especially for advertising the new editor!

I'm not a designer myself so I wouldn't be able to do this myself. And like always, this is just an idea!

Overwrite default snippets

Chris Jaure 6 year бұрын • updated by Ian Mackenzie 6 year бұрын 4

I don't like the default javascript anonymous function snippet, and I'd like to overwrite it by placing a copy (with modifications) in my User package dir, but when I do that, the snippet is listed twice in autocomplete.

For now, I'm editing the snippet in the Javascript package dir, but I know that's not necessarily safe.

Ideally, my version in the User package dir would be the only one displayed.


Please add IDL syntax support to View -> Syntax menu

Michael Dulude 6 year бұрын 0

This build of Sublime Text 2 has expired, please update to a newer one from http://www.sublime.com

Shree Mandadi 6 year бұрын • updated by Nowaker 5 year бұрын 4

I like to be upto date with the latest version, but forcing me to update by stopping my work, is probably not a right idea. Show a warning (subtle) message that there is a newer version, that you might want to upgrade, but do not disable already running version on my pc, because there is a newer One. I might be out of bandwidth, or might not have to time to update now, and Now I cant use the currently installed one...


ctags as core feature

Alex Rodriguez 8 year бұрын • updated by Jon Scobie 6 year бұрын 5
Most new editor support this sort of feature that allow to jump to different files where the definition or implementation of a function is located.

utf-8 persian language

Soroosh Karimi 5 year бұрын 0

it would be great if persian language is supported...now the characters are typed seperately!!!    


Console Integration

Jack Galilee 7 year бұрын • updated by Darin Morrison 7 year бұрын 8
It would be good if there was a bash console instead of the custom console. I'd switch from Vim if I could easily run a terminal at the bottom of my editor window.

Highlight lines reported by build system

Sergey Shepelev 7 year бұрын • updated by FichteFoll 6 year бұрын 5
Feature request to highlight lines of code reported by build system.

Searching large files is very slow

guillermooo 8 year бұрын • updated by Mikhail Fludkov 3 year бұрын 11
Search in a ~30MB file is nearly unusable.

Allow multiple snippets per file

Toby Evans 7 year бұрын • updated by James Gough 1 year бұрын 6
Please allow for multiple snippets per sublime-snippet file. eg:


Not a bug

Provide statically linked linux builds

Jeremy Bush 7 year бұрын • updated by Jon Skinner 6 year бұрын 9
ST2 is dynamically linked against libpng12.so.0. I have libpng installed on my gentoo system, but it still complains it's missing.

There should be a statically linked build provided.
Jon Skinner 7 year бұрын
libpng1.2 is brought in by the version of GTK that I compile against. Unfortunately, as GTK is LGPL licensed, I'm unable to compile it statically.


integrate some functions ala Light Table

Michiel Klaver 7 year бұрын • updated by William Payne 6 year бұрын 6
- Get instant help topics about functions you are using at your code (never leave your active window for documentation searches)
- View direct feedback of code changes
- Display code as blocks inside a table, not multiple files as tabs (all your code visible in a single window, no need for switching tabs anymore)

Full story:


Euphoria programming language

Vadim Tukaev 6 year бұрын • updated by Daniel Collins 6 year бұрын 1
Please add support for Euphoria programming language. I promise that I will buy Sublime Text now if I have at least a hope that this language will be added. Probably, this task will be simplified by such fact that TextMate and E-TextEditor already support this language.

Add Grails Support

Dan Polites 7 year бұрын • updated by Geli Crick 6 year бұрын 13
Provide support for grails projects.

Make the invisibles setting work

kapooostin 8 year бұрын • updated by Dimitar Dimitrov 6 year бұрын 3