integrate some functions ala Light Table

Michiel Klaver 12 years ago updated by William Payne 12 years ago 6
- Get instant help topics about functions you are using at your code (never leave your active window for documentation searches)
- View direct feedback of code changes
- Display code as blocks inside a table, not multiple files as tabs (all your code visible in a single window, no need for switching tabs anymore)

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 Those features could indeed be awesome addition to Sublime. I like instant help and Display code as blocks inside a table best.

Very nice, that would be the holy grail for any developer.
Better: transform sublime in light table.
In the meanwhile: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/306316578/light-table
That dynamic documentation thing blew my mind. 
Another good point is the display of functions separated in blocks. 

Those would be awesome and essential additions to ST2 in my humble opinion.
A lot of Light Table concepts actually come from Code Bubbles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsPX0nElJ0k

I really like Code Bubbles' minimap and giant workspace!

I suspect that this is wishful thinking ... ST2 is a text editor, not an IDE... but then again, what a wonderful wish!

... cue daydream about developer heaven ...

Perhaps all you need to do is develop some suitable UI components, expose the API and let the plugin developers do the rest?

... even so, (coming back down to earth) ... this is a big (and not terribly practical) ask ...