Searching large files is very slow

guillermooo 13 years ago updated by Mikhail Fludkov 9 years ago 11
Search in a ~30MB file is nearly unusable.
To clarify: incremental search is the very slow one. Normal search is not as slow.

Any manipulation with file large 4mb are slow. 

Undo/redo, searching and etc.
Syntax highlights doesn't work after 4.5k row.
It sounds like you have a plugin installed that's causing this. Please follow these instructions: http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/revert.html

it doesn't help to me.

I delete the data folder and reinstall ST2.
ver 2126. Syntax: C
This is indeed very frustrating and happens with smaller files also (~1–3MB SQL dumps)
I'm often looking at large logs. The current log I'm looking at is 350MB in size.
I hit "Ctrl-F" and try to search, but for each character typed in to the search field there is a long delay. Most likely because a search is being done. Would it be possible to add a delay before a search is done?
Not until I stop typing for a certain timeout would a search be done?
Also "Find Prev" is extremely slow. Even though the next occurrence is just 100 bytes away.
Going through logs I often need to search backwards...
Highlighting of all instances the marked word is instantaneous for the same 350MB log file I mentioned in my previous comment.
So it seems like search should be able to be faster too.

Has anyone tried their large file searching tasks side by side in ST2 and ST3?

Does the speed-up in ST3 make this item able to be treated as addressed?

Or are their remaining problems?

Any news on how things are going in this space would be of interest to a lot of people if anyone has news to share.

Just tried with a 17MB file, ST3 build 3021 takes roughly the same time to open it as ST2.

I don't see any speed up in ST3.

Note to ST devs: TextPad (http://www.textpad.com/) opens a 17 MB text file (in my case, a JSON file) in milliseconds, it's immediate. Same for much larger files.

Sublime Text (2 or 3) takes ~6 seconds to open the same file, on the same machine.

Love Sublime Text (+ it works on OSX/Linux), but it's real slow opening large files, that is a problem. Please see what you can do :) It definitely can be done as TextPad (and others) show.

If syntax highlighting is the problem, then I'd rather have ST open a large file in milliseconds and disable highlighting (for files bigger than a certain size, could be configurable).

Has anybody found a workaround? Sometimes I look at the log files ~200Mb in size and it is a pain ( But I will not switch from ST I'll continue to eat this cactus because it is truly beatifull peace of software.