This build of Sublime Text 2 has expired, please update to a newer one from http://www.sublime.com

Shree Mandadi 11 years ago updated by Nowaker 10 years ago 4

I like to be upto date with the latest version, but forcing me to update by stopping my work, is probably not a right idea. Show a warning (subtle) message that there is a newer version, that you might want to upgrade, but do not disable already running version on my pc, because there is a newer One. I might be out of bandwidth, or might not have to time to update now, and Now I cant use the currently installed one...


I agree with you. Blocking everything is just a stupid way to ensure software's updates


Yep, this is annoying as hell!

I developed quite a big plugin for it and the plugin users are now pretty confused.


Don't offer free software for download if you are going to restrict its usage because of some arbitrary expiry date.  I was debating getting Sublime, but why bother purchasing a version if it has a, forced, limited lifespan. Quite sad.


I use my laptop rarely, only while traveling. This happened to me while travelling. GSM connection is poor, no way to download 5MB binary. That's so cool, 6 hours of work in `kate` instead of Sublime.

Blocking the application is stupid for another reason - people have lots of problems when Sublime is installed from the distro repo. Lots of ways to resolve the problem are ridiculous - e.g. leave the package in your system but replace old binaries with new ones... Don't force people to do that.



I don't know if this has something to do with a license. I bought a license, and it's applied on my desktop, but never did that on my laptop. I rarely use it, and always off-line while travelling, so I don't have the license key. However, even Microsoft gives you 30 days before it stops working...