Highlight lines reported by build system

Sergey Shepelev 12 years ago updated by FichteFoll 11 years ago 5
Feature request to highlight lines of code reported by build system.
Highlighting warnings and errors from the build system is a very basic feature. Please fix this!

I'd really like this too.

It would also be nice to allow the build results panel to show only if there are errors, and possibly hide it on successful builds. Right now it either on each build or not at all.


Error parsing gives the ability to jump to the next error in the source. This feature request is for all such matching error lines to be highlighted in the source, much like other "linters" do, e.g. by a marker in the gutter, by underlining, or some other way.

I see what you mean. Well, it wasn't really clear from the initial request, thus my misunderstanding.

Anyway, you can implement this by modifying "exec.py" in the Default package which is usually called when building. If you need more details on implementation, just ask.