new versions window alert

Simón ヅ 9 years ago updated by Adi Roiban 8 years ago 5
It's very annoying. It opens a window alert every time that I open this editor because there is another new version.

Why Sublime Text is not free?

Ángel 8 years ago updated by Andreas Backx 7 years ago 2
Why don't make Sublime Text open-source? Or almost make it free?
For me, TextMate is better than Sublime Text, and Textmate is now open-source.

It would be great to do Sublime Text open-source too...

Continuous save

James Carruthers 9 years ago updated by aristidesfl 9 years ago 1

Every change made to the text file is saved automatically, no need to keep saving the file.

Saves having to hit apple+s before going to your browser and hitting refresh — for instance.


Remove JSON comments from settings files

guillermooo 10 years ago updated by rsp 8 years ago 10
JSON should not allow comments in files. (Maybe this has been fixed already.)