API: Settings.set should cast strings to the appropriate type

guillermooo 13 years ago updated by Oktay Acikalin 13 years ago 3
For example, Settings.set("word_wrap", "false") should be interpreted as Settings.set("word_wrap", False).
General casting is a bad habit. Please don't implement such things. Programmers should do that on their own need.
We're talking about options here. They should be easy to set, and they certainly aren't if you need to do type conversion/parsing on your part. I fail to see why this would be dangerous in any way. Also, this behavior was as described in Sublime Text 1.
"Sublime Text 2" also sounds like "I want to do everything better than before and don't repeat bad habits". IMHO this is a good point in time not to repeat this. It's also better to avoid any exceptions from the standard way, which is being precise.