new versions window alert

Simón ヅ 13 years ago updated by Adi Roiban 12 years ago 5
It's very annoying. It opens a window alert every time that I open this editor because there is another new version.
There's a bunch of people out there who want to be notified on new versions.
Perhaps you want to request some buttons like "ask me later" or "don't ask me again".
Yes, the user is to decide whether or not these ads.
New versions are released weekly during the alpha - you may want to make sure you aren't using a dev version, which is released more often
The user should can to decide if he wants be notified every time that he open the editor, don't you think?
I would like to try out the dev versions, but update to a newer version only when I have time.

I find the constant display of alert windows annoying.

An 'don't ask again' button would by highly appreciated.

Event better: a configuration option to disable this alerts.

I am using the 'Nightly ' versions.