Call it just "Sublime"

Rolando Murillo 13 years ago in Plugin announcements updated by isatis 12 years ago 5
It should be named just Sublime. It is more clear like that.
I like this idea. Then a command line script for opening files would be "sublime <file>".

Sublime Text was useful in the early stages, when the product was getting known. 

It helped understand quickly the purpose of the software.

Now, it fairly well known, it could use better style.

I think dropping the Text and calling it just Sublime it justified.

You could leave the website domains the same, leaving the official name the same. 

Just change the visible title in the forums, website, application executables, etc..

+1 Word of mouth is the best selling pipe of ST anyway so the name can become prettier and less explicit.
This editor certainly deserve a better name. AND a better icon too.
Don't understand the downvote, no comments about it.