Automatic Updates on Windows using WinSparkle

Luis Lavena 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 6
Hello, I love the Sparkle integration on OSX, but when I switch to Windows, I need to manually download it :-P

I think will be possible offer an appcast for both 32 and 64bits versions using WinSparkle:


Thank you.
I really doesn't understand this need for automatic update...
What the problem downloading a setup and run it (at least on Windows) ?

Actually with ST2 there are a lot of updates, but we could expect that with the final version the updates will be a lot less frequent, so a notification system is more than enough.
That is your use case, not everybody.

The problem is doing all that process over and over again, remembering where you placed the download, having several downloaded copies lying around in your download folder, etc.

Sparkle provides this solution for OSX, why Windows should be cumbersome compared to it when is possible achieve the same?

You can still disable that preference if you want.
What are you calling "use case" ?
This "use case" is actually how you have to update hundreds of software. Most doesn't even have a notification system.
An automatic update is a "nice to have" feature, but I give it the lowest priority available. So many things to do before.
And again do really think that after the final version of ST2 there will be an update every week ? Hope not cos it certainly mean serious flaw in this software, and actually it's the more stable alpha software I've ever tried.
Your use case. You like to download files and have them lying around, that is your use case.

Indeed is less priority, wanted to add this here, but not for you to downvote, are other things more important.
I don't believe WinSparkle supports 64 bit applications, nor does it support updating portable versions.

Also, it doesn't save as many clicks as you'd hope, as it just downloads the installer automatically, you still have to click through the installer screens.
Thank you Jon!

Indeed seems WinSparkle is quite new, and 64bits is in the roadmap.

As for automated installation that can be achieved with InnoSetup, which is what you're using for the installers.

Anyhow, thank you for your answer and analytzing this in the first place.