Paste (super+v) should duplicate text if selection = pasted text

aristidesfl 13 years ago updated 12 years ago 4

When you paste some text on top of a different piece of text, the selection gets replaced by the pasted text, and this is useful.

If the pasted text is equal to the selected text, nothing happens, thus not useful. 
What I purpose is to smarten up this behavior by evoking the duplicate command (super+shift+d) when the selected text is equal to the pasted text. 

This would allow for people to use Copy+Paste instead of having to learn a new shortcut (super+shift+d).

This ability would extend also to duplicate line should this related feature  get implemented along.
Why not just hit paste twice? Or use the duplicate command if that's what you want. Doesn't seem logical to build in special cases to the paste command that change its behavior when it's more valuable to behave consistently with other apps, imo.

"Why not just hit paste twice?" 

Didn't understand what you would achieve with this..

Anyway, there is no utility on pasting something on top of the same thing, so of course no one does it. Therefore, no consistency would be broken, but functionality would be added.

The best interfaces are the ones which add functionality in a subliminal way, not necessarily in a explicit form. Why memorize an extra shortcut, or take extra space on the keyboard, when it could be achieved with the combination of 2 familiar ones?

If you prefer the duplicate command, you can keep using it :)

Very much disagree with "no utility on pasting something on top of the same thing". I will often copy and paste an identifier on top of other copies of it just to make sure I haven't made a typo in my code. I very much expect it to do nothing if they match because that's exactly what I want.
then I stand corrected :)
would be nice to make it an option though..