Allow multiple snippets per file

Toby Evans 12 years ago updated by James Gough 6 years ago 6
Please allow for multiple snippets per sublime-snippet file. eg:


I would like this a lot. It makes more sense to me to have one "jQuery.sublime-snippet" file with all my jQuery related snippets instead of having to create a separate file for each one.

Agreed. Files with multiple snippets must be more effeicient and they sure are easier to manage than a whole crop of tiny files.

This would be brilliant! And someone needs to build a GUI Snippet Builder. I'm a bit lazy :)

It will be much better if it being done by JSON instead of XML

I don't think JSON would be better - you'd have to do a lot of quote escaping and such.

XML is a better format in this case.

Yes please. Would make sharing common snippets across a team waaaaay easier