I think Sublime Text 2 can be to Linux what Textmate is for Mac OSX

Sebastián Veggiani 13 years ago updated by uid 12 years ago 5
Keep the good work. We will purchase some licences once some critical issues for us will be solved.

Keep the good work!
Sublime Text 2 could be what Textmate 2 would have been for OSX ... ;-)
Heh, I was just about to post "As a matter of fact, I think Sublime Text 2 can be to Mac OS X what Sublime Text 2 can be to Linux :)"
It's actually better than TextMate. And it's cross platform.
Yes, I am looking forward to using this editor on Linux as well. Key bindings for navigating text similar to Emacs and Bash are necessary for me.
I came from TextMate on OSX, and was looking for an alternative when working with windows. I found sublime, and have now made it my default editor when working on OSX as well.

I love the management of bundles on sublime. (The cursor split and, quick tab indentation, and quick swapping between files is wonderful as well!)  I actually liked the wrap selection in sublime 1 better. But I'm getting used to wrapping with a keyboard shortcut as well, even though the default one (ctrl-alt-d?) is quite awkward.