Add Grails Support

Dan Polites 13 years ago updated by Geli Crick 12 years ago 13
Provide support for grails projects.
+1 - I would love to have grails support.  The groovy support is great but I would like to invoke commands from within the editor.  
I'd love to see Grails support. More specifically, just proper GSP rendering. Currently I swap it over to JSP, however - it doesn't detect javascript properly (using the r:script tag).
if grails support will be added i do big cookie for Sublime :D

Sory i mean cake :D :P
It does a nice job with the controllers and domains but lets see some color on the GSP!
Since grails has an interactive console, it'd be nice to have a windows/unix console on SublimeText too.
I'm going to try replacing STS with Sublime this week and see how it goes, even without Grails support.

It would seem with GSP syntax highlighting we could make this ideal.

You don't really need an IDE to develop with Grails. It would be wonderful to use sublime instead of eclipse. I add my voice to the pledge...

Grails sure would be a great addition to Sublime!

I've been using ST2 without Grails support and there's no way to go back to STS. If we could have some of the features available for ruby... It'd be awesome.

If somehow we could run grails interactive mode inside ST2... I wouldn't know what to say. :)

Ps: The gsp's are almost fine if you tell ST2 to use JSP syntax for them.


I'm using the TextMate Grails bundle for now: https://github.com/textmate/groovy-grails.tmbundle (just git clone it into the ST2 Packages dir and restart ST2). As Groovy is already supported in ST2 the bundle just adds highlighting and completion for GSPs. Moreover it provides snippets for GSPs and some Groovy code Grails stuff e.g. render or redirect statements. Of course the advanced features like executing grails commands and navigating to views or controllers do not work as these features are written in ruby. BTW, I just love the quick navigation to Groovy methods with CTRL-R

"Of course the advanced features like executing grails commands and navigating to views or controllers do not work"

That would be sweeeet!


We've just released a Grails plugin for Sublime. It doesn't have all the requested features yet, but we invite you to try it out and let us know what we can do to improve it. It's available in the package manager, or through git. See https://github.com/osoco/sublimetext-grails/ for more info.