ctags as core feature

Alex Rodriguez 13 years ago updated by Jon Scobie 11 years ago 5
Most new editor support this sort of feature that allow to jump to different files where the definition or implementation of a function is located.
The ability to automatically build/refresh ctags would also be wicked.
Definitively a feature I cannot live without!
Also, there is a nice Python library for ctags files python-ctags. Combined with show_overlay it might have been an awesome feature.
Or you may just use readtags.(h|c) from the Exuberant ctags sources =)

Sublime is, well, sublime. However, for big projects which I do all the time, tag support HAS to be a primary function included as standard. ctags support is really good and fast but when I add a new function, I really don't want to have to retag. I want it there, automatically. This is always where ALL editors fall down for professional use. Slickedit is brilliant at it and sublime is the first editor I have come across in years which has trumped it with speed and agility, functionality, support etc. Before you say it, I'm a massive vim fan too.