Overwrite default snippets

Chris Jaure 11 years ago updated by Ian Mackenzie 11 years ago 4

I don't like the default javascript anonymous function snippet, and I'd like to overwrite it by placing a copy (with modifications) in my User package dir, but when I do that, the snippet is listed twice in autocomplete.

For now, I'm editing the snippet in the Javascript package dir, but I know that's not necessarily safe.

Ideally, my version in the User package dir would be the only one displayed.

Funny, I ended up here looking for a way to disable the exact same snippet.  This is definitely a necessary feature if we are not to pollute the global settings (which of course we are not) 

I agree that we should be able to overwrite/disable default snippets/completions by editing only the user folder !

This is not the case for the moment I think.

Please add the ability to override default snippets soon...Its one of the most important time savers in developing and currently there is no clean way to add in your own snippets without hacking around in the global settings or snippets that are overwritten on every sublime update...not very useful.

Agreed...I don't use the C++ snippets, and the 'vector' one in particular gets in the way when I'm writing geometry-related code with lots of variables named 'vector'. 'Course, this is just about the ONLY thing I don't like about Sublime Text =)