Invisible tabs row, icons on the gutter

Aleksandr Gornostal 8 years ago updated by Matthew Wild 8 years ago 4

When plugin uses add_regions API, sometimes tabs row or icons on the gutter (or both) disappear.

This bug was detected among the majority of Sublime versions and on all platforms.

Unfortunately it appears randomly. I can't tell how to reproduce it except using plugins that draw icons on the gutter (like Modific).


hex edit mode

Mike Kasprzak 10 years ago 0
Add a means of editing/viewing binary and text files in hexadecimal.

Off hand, that looks to be the only feature missing from everything I regularly use in UltraEdit.

disable animation in side bar

matrushka 10 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 9 years ago 1
maybe a global preference to disable animations on side bar?
Jon Skinner 9 years ago
The tree_animation_enabled global setting was added in 2139 to control this

Synchronise vertical scrolling

conversions 9 years ago updated by Bob 3 years ago 2
I have two files I want to compare opened in a two column layout and want them to scroll synchronously so that the same lines are shown in each column.

Taken from the forum: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3220

Autoconvert spaces/tabs to default setting on file load

alexrussell 10 years ago updated by myname iswithheld 5 years ago 7
I have a load of files that are throwbacks from the days of double-space indentation. I now use tabs (tab width 2).

I've set my default indentation type to tabs and set it not to autodetect indentation:
    "auto_indent": true,
    "detect_indentation": false,
    "tab_size": 2,
    "translate_tabs_to_spaces": false

It'd be great if, upon loading a file with space-based indentation, it'd detect it and convert to tabs for me. As it stands, I'm having to notice the spaces and use "Convert indentation to tabs" which is a great feature, but it'd be great to have it automatic.

Maybe I have my settings wrong. I thought detect_indentation might be key here, but it appears to simply detect the file's indentation method and override the default with that (which is actually what I would expect, so I'm not complaining there).

Hopefully that makes sense.

Haml Javascript syntax highlighting

Dane Morgridge 10 years ago updated by jetinho 3 years ago 1
Haml highlighting works great but as soon as you put a :javascript block in haml it doesn't highlight the javascript at all.  

Minimap border

Josh Bjornson 10 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 10 years ago 7
Option to display a subtle border around the minimap to help distinguish between the content and the minimap (same as in Sublime Text 1)
Jon Skinner 10 years ago
A shadow is now added when required to separate the minimap from the buffer

Minimize to tray (option)

Joan Piqué 9 years ago 0
As simple as that.

Sort files and folders together in sidebar

Joshua Jabbour 9 years ago updated by Michael Avanessian 3 years ago 7
Currently folders are sorted separately above files in the sidebar. Is there any way to have them interspersed? If not, then I suppose this is a feature request...

Add ftp support

Szymon Zajączkowski 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 0
Just like in notepad++ or aptana. Many developers work on remote servers and current ftp plugin is so time consuming... Please!

Make use of fallback fonts

Frank Smit 9 years ago updated by Roger Sperberg 8 years ago 3
Make use of fallback fonts so that Japanese (and Chinese, etc.) can be displayed if the currently used font doesn't support those characters.

Integrate with Clang/libclang for C/C++

codex 10 years ago updated by Rocco 8 years ago 5
The holy grail of C/C++ text editors is to integrate with Clang/libclang and parse the code the way the compiler does--by actually compiling the code.  This would enable extremely expressive syntax highlighting, continuous build error reporting, and full refactoring, without having to maintain one's own parser.

textured background for editor

Nice textured background for text editor )

Like paper or textile.


Make ctrl+tab only cycle tabs in current group (and in order of appearance)

T-R 10 years ago updated by Aleksandr Beliaev 4 years ago 8
I find the ctrl+tab behavior a little hard to follow at times. Since we have ctrl+1/2/3 to change focus to different groups, could the behavior be changed (possibly via a setting) so that it only cycles through tabs in the current group?
Also, could we have a setting to make ctrl+tab cycle in the order the tabs appear, similar to Chrome.  In chrome I tend to order my tabs according to how often I'll be switching to them, it would be nice to be able to do the same with SublimeText.

Replicate close tab behaviour from Chrome

Anders Ingemann 9 years ago updated by Ronald Jett 8 years ago 11
Closing tabs should work the same way as it does in Google Chrome.
Before you say anything: I am not talking about moving the tabs to the title bar like this post suggests.
The cool thing about the tab closing behaviour is, that the tabs only resize once you leave the tab area. If they all have the same size, the cursor is directly beneath the next close button, once you have closed a tab.
There is a nice blog entry about why Chromes tab closing behaviour is really nice, so I think I will just leave it at that and post the link.
(Maybe this could also be implemented for the "Open files" area? This way the files don't move under your cursor when you are opening multiple files.)

Drag and drop text editing

chaiguy 9 years ago updated by marco bernich 4 years ago 10
It's handy to be able to drag and drop to move/copy blocks of text.

Support Python functions within regex replace strings

Joel Thornton 9 years ago updated by Jonathan Cross 9 years ago 2
Let us embed simple Python expressions in the ST2 search-and-replace "replace with" box that would let us perform transformations on captured text groups when using regular expression matching. 

A syntax looking something like this might work well:

Search regex: (\w+)
Replace with: ${$1.upper()}

In this example ST2 would recognize a special pattern of 
and implicitly give $n the string value of the corresponding capture group within the function.

This approach could open up some very interesting possibilities for doing regex substitution ...

${ int($1) + 1 }
${ max($1, $2) }
${ import re; re.sub('foo', 'bar', $1) if 'foo' in $1 else 'cheezburger' }
... ad inf.

Remove a single folder folder from a project

Russell Keith-Magee 10 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 10 years ago 1
Jon Skinner 10 years ago
Added in build 2027

Inactive tabs "ages" and fades until used again

Dudi Lasry 9 years ago updated by Mikaël Spruyt 9 years ago 2
As described here: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3629

Imagine having many files opened, but some of them are not currently in use, it would be easier to distinguish the active ones from the others if the background of tabs that are not in use will start to fade away.

The following image demonstrates the idea (the 2 last tabs faded due to inactivity). The tabs have different colors to demonstrate another idea (different colored tabs for each file type):


ctypes can't be imported in Linux

Fredrik Ehnbom 9 years ago updated by 美龙 谢 8 years ago 8
Go to the python console and type "import ctypes" in build 2139 and you'll get:

>>> import ctypes
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
  File ".\ctypes\__init__.py", line 10, in <module>
ImportError: No module named _ctypes