Remove a single folder folder from a project

Russell Keith-Magee 13 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 13 years ago 1
Jon Skinner 13 years ago
Added in build 2027

ctypes can't be imported in Linux

Fredrik Ehnbom 12 years ago updated by 美龙 谢 11 years ago 8
Go to the python console and type "import ctypes" in build 2139 and you'll get:

>>> import ctypes
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
  File ".\ctypes\__init__.py", line 10, in <module>
ImportError: No module named _ctypes

Clojure auto-indentation is almost never correct

Anthony Grimes 12 years ago updated 11 years ago 2
There are a number of cases where auto-indent isn't correct in Clojure. Here are some examples:


Function arguments are supposed to be lined up. The vector should be lined up with the + sign, like this:

Another example is this:

when it should be:

This is just totally broken.  Notice how in the st2 formatted example, it's like the keywords are indented against the -> instead of the mongo/fetch function. It's pretty crazy. I'm sure there are more quirks but this is just what I ran into playing for a few minutes.

P.S. I apologize for pasting code elsewhere. I couldn't figure out how to format it nicely in uservoice.

Sort numbered files/folders in the sidebar correctly

Jeff Byrnes 12 years ago updated by Daniel Baumann 11 years ago 28
Currently, a series of files or folders which are numbered are not sorted correctly in the sidebar if they enter the hundreds. For example:


While I know this is often how *nix systems sort, I think many would agree that the intent of a series of numbered folders would be to sort correctly, as if they were integers.

task-focused interface (like eclipse mylyn)

Robert Kasanicky 12 years ago updated by Eugene Bezludny 8 years ago 1
As an eclipse user I really miss the Mylyn functionality (quick demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEyjpDrHCjc)

In my mind a basic task-focused interface would cover:
1. task creation/import - I can define local tasks and there's an API for writing connectors that retrieve tasks from remote issue trackers
2. every task carries it's own persistent context (primarily which files are open) and when I activate a task the context is restored

Allow hiding of the title bar

Andrew Rabon 12 years ago updated by Jae Page 7 years ago 3
Basically make it more like Chrome and integrate the tabs and the title bar into one, to preserve pixels.

Ability to disable/hide scroll bar(s)

Jan Bader 13 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 11 years ago 4
Please add the ability to hide the scroll bar(s). 

I barely use them, since it slows me down to use the mouse and if I use the mouse, i usually use the mousewheel.

Also, the vertical scrollbar is redundant with the minimap.
Jon Skinner 12 years ago

This can be done by setting the overlay_scroll_bars global setting to "enabled".

This was added in 2091


Function parameter auto-complete

Caleb Morris 12 years ago updated by Bruno Lemos 11 years ago 1
When auto completing a function pop up a small off-set message of the parameter inputs.
ex: foo( int a, real b ); // declared above
when foo auto-completed "foo(" is put and a message shows "foo( int, int )"

Set font size per pane

Joel Thornton 13 years ago 0
Allow the user to persistently change the font size independently for each pane in the UI. For example, the user should be able to use a smaller font size for the console pane than their main text buffer.

Better handling of huge files

n00ge 13 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 11 years ago 9
When handling large sql files (25k lines and up) it takes a while (12 seconds+) to open the file and manipulate. Editing is also quite slow.

I'm not expecting miracles, but is there anything that can be done here? Maybe look at the file size and don't apply syntax highlighting initially for x mb size files and up?
Jon Skinner 12 years ago

This was fixed in 2091.

The SQL grammar file had a degenerate regex that could cause significant slowdowns.


Paredit for Clojure

Shantanu Kumar 11 years ago updated by David Foster 10 years ago 5

ST's Clojure support falls short of paredit. Please consider supporting paredit for Clojure.


Bundle python ssl module

Will Bond 12 years ago updated by Julien Bouquillon 11 years ago 10
It would be nice to be able to pull data from web servers that use SSL certs. From what I can tell, urllib2 needs the python ssl module to be able to download from https:// urls.

I love sublime text since version one

oxman . 13 years ago 0
This is an awesome ide. Please if one day you don't want continue Sublime Text, release it opensource, Thanks a lot

Add Sublime Text 2 to the Ubuntu repositories

Octavian Damiean 12 years ago updated by dp wiz 11 years ago 5
It would be nice if you could add Sublime Text 2 to the Ubuntu package repositories so everyone can just install it using apt-get or the Ubuntu Software Center.

Duplicate file from folder context menu

Kelly Banman 13 years ago updated by Bruce Pieterse 12 years ago 1
I'd like to be able to right-click on a file in the project sidebar and duplicate the file.

And instead of just making a new file called "somefile_copy.php", show the rename panel, allowing the user to specify the new filename straight away.

show bookmark in minimap

Liam McLennan 12 years ago updated by Keith Hall 6 years ago 4

It would be nice if bookmarks were shown in the minimap or on the editor pane scroll bar. 



Background image in distraction-free mode

Vadim Tukaev 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 2

Ability to set bookmarks by clicking on gutter

Hongli Lai 12 years ago updated by Joseph Huckaby 11 years ago 4
I set bookmarks very often so that I can easily switch back and forth between two or three related places in the code. It would be nice if I can set bookmarks by clicking on the gutter (the place that shows line numbers). TextMate allows this: if I click on the gutter it will show a star on that line and that line is bookmarked.

API support for adding custom items to the sidebar

Leon Bogaert 12 years ago updated by David Mair Spiess 12 years ago 1
I was searching for a ftp/sftp plugin just like Zend Studio 5.5 / Notepad++ etc. I stumbled upon this thread: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5846

Because it isn't yet possible for a plugin to add custom items to the sidebar such a plugin can't be created.

Syntax Highlighting and Style for PowerShell and VBS files

Luis Martinez 13 years ago updated by Alexander Dean 12 years ago 1
Contextual highlighting and syntax style for PowerShell and VB Script.