Ability to set bookmarks by clicking on gutter

Hongli Lai 9 years ago updated by Joseph Huckaby 7 years ago 4
I set bookmarks very often so that I can easily switch back and forth between two or three related places in the code. It would be nice if I can set bookmarks by clicking on the gutter (the place that shows line numbers). TextMate allows this: if I click on the gutter it will show a star on that line and that line is bookmarked.

API support for adding custom items to the sidebar

Leon Bogaert 9 years ago updated by David Mair Spiess 8 years ago 1
I was searching for a ftp/sftp plugin just like Zend Studio 5.5 / Notepad++ etc. I stumbled upon this thread: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5846

Because it isn't yet possible for a plugin to add custom items to the sidebar such a plugin can't be created.

An ARM port so that sublime text will be able to be used on platforms such as Beaglebone and the new Raspberry Pi.

m2432432 8 years ago updated by Fredrik Ehnbom 8 years ago 1
Sublime Text looks like the perfect editor for something like the Raspberry Pi. I use it considerably on my desktop and laptop, and it would be great to be able to use it on my other platforms as well.

Allow hiding of the title bar

Andrew Rabon 9 years ago updated by Jae Page 4 years ago 3
Basically make it more like Chrome and integrate the tabs and the title bar into one, to preserve pixels.

prolog syntax coloration

XioRcaL 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 0
add prolog syntax coloration,
this feature would be awesome, just like the rest of the editor! =)

Dragging last file from a window should close window

Falcon NL 10 years ago updated by Nick 9 years ago 2
Currently, dragging the last file file from a window to a different or new window leaves behind an empty window, which in the vast majority of cases you'll want to close. I suggest closing the window automatically once the last file has been removed.

Forum topic: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1532

arabic support

akwad akwadnet 9 years ago updated by Praveen Vijayan 8 years ago 1
I loved sublime from the first time , but it dose not support arabic :( which disappointed  me , I hope you support Arabic and encoding file changing like notepad++

Drag/Drop (reorder) files/folders via Project Sidebar

Alysson Bortoli 9 years ago updated by Andrey Botalov 8 years ago 3

It would be awesome if you could drag/drop to reorder files and folders in the sidebar! 


Preview for Images

Philipp Schaffrath 9 years ago updated by Donna Klinton 7 years ago 4
I've got many Situations where i want to insert Images to my Project, when i select an Image i get the preview of the includet data as Text. It would be nice, if you provide the functionality to get a preview of images. Maybe you use the file extention as trigger, or you read the file header to check if a different preview is needed.

This feature could be used for several other files like .pdf, .mp3 (audio files in general), .mp4 (video files in general) or even .ttf (font files in general).

This functionality would be pure epicness!

Code folding of one line functions

L0u1s 8 years ago updated by Adrian Forte 3 years ago 5
You are now able to fold functions when there's more then 1 line of code.
It would be nice to also fold on-lined functions

Relative line numbers

Chetan Surpur 9 years ago updated by Alexander Ivanov 4 years ago 6

The option to switch to relative line numbers (http://dlo.me/vim-with-relative-line-numbers/) would be great, especially with the new Vintage mode.

I wouldn't even mind a plugin to do this, but I'm not sure how to go about implementing it. Any hints?



Replace in all open files

Vadim Peretokin 9 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 4
It's be great if the replace option could also work in all currently open files, in addition to per-file as it is right now.
Jon Skinner 9 years ago
This was added in 2139

Intelligent case-sensitivity for searches

Markus Peter 9 years ago updated by Brian Gallagher 9 years ago 4
A semi-intelligent case-sensitivity mode for searches as option, like in Emacs, where, if I type the word to search in all-lowercase, it will search case-insensitively and as soon as I type something containing uppercase, it will search case-sensitively exactly for what I typed.


ODB Editor Suite (QuickCursor) support on OS X

Kevin Yank 9 years ago updated by aristidesfl 8 years ago 9
QuickCursor is an application from Hog Bay Software that lets you pull the text out of any text field (in any application that uses native Cocoa text fields) and edit it in your editor of choice. Currently it supports BBEdit, Espresso, MacVim, Smultron, SubEthaEdit, TextMate, TextWrangler, and WriteRoom.

Please add support for the ODB Editor Suite that is required so that QuickCursor can support Sublime Text 2 as well!

See: http://www.hogbaysoftware.com/products/quickcursor/faq

Add enviroment vars ($file, $file_name, $selection, $project) to key bindings

Greg Williams 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
Adding enviroment vars ($file, $file_name, $selection, $project) to key bindings would accomplish the needs of many 'plugins' in a simple bindings file

Auto documentation based on setting, command and key binding reflection/introspection

David K. Hess 9 years ago updated by glyph 9 years ago 4
If you add the ability to introspect all of the built-in commands, loaded commands, settings and key bindings, then we could write a plugin that would go through all of that and generate an HTML documentation page that could be opened in an external web browser.

Good and accurate documentation for not a lot of work.

Provide a sort option for open files in the sidebar

Neville Bagnall 9 years ago updated by Jeremy Dill 8 years ago 3

My file layout is not particularly suited to project treatment, yet I often have dozens of files open.

Open Files in the sidebar is most useful when many files are open at once, whereas the tab bar becomes unusable.

However, finding a particular file among dozens, or scanning the list quickly to see if the file is already open is nearly impossible because the files are not in a sorted order.

Goto Anything helps, but feels sub-optimal.

Ideally, and incorporating other preferences suggested here, I'd like to be able to toggle between Sorted, Modified, Stack or Tab order.

But even a user-setting to pick my preferred order would be great.


Sublime Text 3 Find all symbol references

Andy Jarrell 8 years ago updated by mindlube 8 years ago 1

The new updates in Sublime Text 3 are fan-freaking-tastic.  I absolutely love using sublime.  The "Goto Symbol in Project" and "Goto Definition" are going to be huge timesavers for me.  I work on projects that involve C, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Lua, and large makefiles.  In particular, many C functions are called by Lua, but referred to as strings.  The "Goto Definition" is huge for being able to find the original C function being referred to.  Thank you.

While "Find in Files" does allow me to find all the references to a symbol by direct search, it would be nice to have a "Goto References" or "List References" option to quickly list all references to the symbol in the project as a faster method vs direct search.  I'm not sure if the project index is structured in such a way to make that easy.

I cannot praise Sublime Text 3 enough.  What an amazing piece of software.


Syntax highlighting for HAML and SASS/SCSS

ravinggenius 9 years ago updated by Tim Gummer 8 years ago 6
HAML is an indentation-based syntax for generating HTML. SASS is an indentation-based syntax for generating CSS. SASS also has a nested syntax called SCSS that is closer in appearance to CSS. Both languages are really popular in the Ruby/Rails communities. As much as I love Sublime Text 2 (thanks for the Linux love, by the way), it is nearly useless when editing these files.


Add an option to auto-hide minimap -> unhide on scroll or overlay

Olivier Poitrey 10 years ago updated by Art Lawry 8 years ago 3
The minimap takes some real estate and isn't relevant while editing, but only when seeking for another file location.