ODB Editor Suite (QuickCursor) support on OS X

Kevin Yank 13 years ago updated by aristidesfl 12 years ago 9
QuickCursor is an application from Hog Bay Software that lets you pull the text out of any text field (in any application that uses native Cocoa text fields) and edit it in your editor of choice. Currently it supports BBEdit, Espresso, MacVim, Smultron, SubEthaEdit, TextMate, TextWrangler, and WriteRoom.

Please add support for the ODB Editor Suite that is required so that QuickCursor can support Sublime Text 2 as well!

See: http://www.hogbaysoftware.com/products/quickcursor/faq
This would be fabulous. I’d love to use ST2 to compose my emails.
I would love it if this worked. I always have Sublime open and editing long comments and entries in bug trackers and wikis would be so much nicer than having to use the browser.
This was added in 2190, but quickcursor still doesn't seem to recognize sublime..
Is it working for anyone?
Yes it works great, but QuickCursor doesn't magically recognize Sublime Text. You have to add it yourself by clicking the plus button in the lower left of the Preferences dialog.
For anyone else looking, the Bundle ID is:
This still doesn't work for me. QuickCursor can now open ST2 and paste the contents in a new editor, but it doesn't paste back to the original application when I close the window or quit ST2 after saving. TextWrangler works perfectly in the same scenario.

Update: It turns out that I still have build 2181 and update check doesn't get a new one for me. How do I upgrade to 2190?

I'm still having trouble with this. Has any one gotten a great experience out of this? The big issue I've seen is inconsistently posting back into the form (not sure if I need to save, save & close window, save & close window & close application).

Additionally I'd love to have it always open a new window, set to default layout.

Any ideas? 

Funny, I just opened an issue about that: https://github.com/jessegrosjean/quickcursor/issues/30#issuecomment-6175161