Syntax highlighting for HAML and SASS/SCSS

ravinggenius 9 years ago updated by Tim Gummer 8 years ago 6
HAML is an indentation-based syntax for generating HTML. SASS is an indentation-based syntax for generating CSS. SASS also has a nested syntax called SCSS that is closer in appearance to CSS. Both languages are really popular in the Ruby/Rails communities. As much as I love Sublime Text 2 (thanks for the Linux love, by the way), it is nearly useless when editing these files.

Sublime supports tmbundles (most of it at least).  Just download the textmate bundle and drop it in the user packages folder.  The only thing Sublime doesn't support right now is tmCommands, but snippets and the language files work.  I'm using Sublime for SASS right now and it's working fine.
I'll give it a shot. Which specific bundles are you using? I found several when I searched.
I used this one: https://github.com/fluxsaas/sass-textmate-bundle 

However, you'll need to go into the Syntaxes folder and edit SASS.tmLanguage.  Just replace 

with this:
The current method of getting SASS syntax highlighting support on OSX is:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
git clone git://github.com/kuroir/SCSS.tmbundle.git "SCSS"

It'd be much easier for all if Sass syntax highlighting was included

Installing TM bundles work, but it would be nice if this was built in out of the box like may other languages.

I'm using 

sublime-text-haml-sass but have no comment toggling - which is more of handicap than one might first think. Does anyone know if  the comment toggling controlled by the syntax - or should I look elsewhere for a solution?