Sublime Text 3 Find all symbol references

Andy Jarrell 5 years ago • updated by mindlube 5 years ago 1

The new updates in Sublime Text 3 are fan-freaking-tastic.  I absolutely love using sublime.  The "Goto Symbol in Project" and "Goto Definition" are going to be huge timesavers for me.  I work on projects that involve C, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Lua, and large makefiles.  In particular, many C functions are called by Lua, but referred to as strings.  The "Goto Definition" is huge for being able to find the original C function being referred to.  Thank you.

While "Find in Files" does allow me to find all the references to a symbol by direct search, it would be nice to have a "Goto References" or "List References" option to quickly list all references to the symbol in the project as a faster method vs direct search.  I'm not sure if the project index is structured in such a way to make that easy.

I cannot praise Sublime Text 3 enough.  What an amazing piece of software.


Vintage mode requests

Aaron Kavlie 7 years ago • updated by David Niergarth 6 years ago 8
A few requests for Vintage mode:

- Don't know any way to escape from highlight mode, aside from clicking with the mouse. In vim ESC clears the highlight. Please add this.
- It would be great if command mode had a block cursor, rather than an underline

- Though not a standard vim feature, matchit.vim allows me to jump between open and close html tags with %. I don't know of any way to do this in Sublime Text (Vintage mode or otherwise).

Sublime Text 2 is fantastic so far, and keeps getting better. Thanks for all your hard work!

Function search across entire project

Zachary Nawar 7 years ago • updated by Thamaraiselvam 2 years ago 4
Im aware you can press CTRL+R and it opens a small window where you can type a function name or parts of a function name and it will take you to that function. However it seems to be limited only to the one file you have open. Having it work across every file of that format across the entire project/open folders would be very nice.

Relative line numbers

Chetan Surpur 7 years ago • updated by Alexander Ivanov 1 year ago 6

The option to switch to relative line numbers (http://dlo.me/vim-with-relative-line-numbers/) would be great, especially with the new Vintage mode.

I wouldn't even mind a plugin to do this, but I'm not sure how to go about implementing it. Any hints?



Minimap highlights on search results.

Guillaume Amringer 6 years ago • updated by Ryan Harris 5 years ago 2
When searching for a string in a file, the minimap also show highlighted results, but it's kinda hard to see. Maybe disable text syntax highlight in minimap when searching to make the search highlight stand out.

Command Palette should include everything

Oliver Rutherfurd 7 years ago • updated by robertcollier4 5 years ago 5

Maybe I'm misunderstanding or missing a setting, but it appears things have have key bindings (Open File, Close File, etc.. don't appear) in the command palette.  This is frustrating as a new user, since I don't know all the shortcuts and why exclude these from the list?


Make Goto Anything work when you're in the text field for find

Tim Haines 6 years ago • updated by Sakae Marcus 6 years ago 6
When you're in the find box (Command-F), it would be nice if the shortcut key for 'Goto Anything' (Command P) still worked.

Set the sidebar on the right

homer0 6 years ago • updated by Blair Williams 6 years ago 3
Allow the users to move the sidebar from the left to the right. I'm trying to leave Dreamweaver and I'm really used to have the sidebar on the right.

Navigate in the Find Results buffer

Kai Grossjohann 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I always have "Use Buffer" turned on when doing Find in Files.  I would like some keybindings to browse the Find Results buffer:
  • Go to next/previous search.  (A search begins with a line "Searching 999 files or foo" and ends with a line "42 matches across 21 files.")
  • Go to next/previous file.  (To the next line that contains a file name followed by a colon.)
  • Go to the next/previous search result.  (A line that contains the line number followed by a colon.)  Note that this is different from F4 -- I want the cursor to move in the Find Results buffer but not the corresponding find result to be opened.
What would also be cool would be advanced editing:
  • Delete current file from Find Results (= the file name heading plus all matches from that file).  Delete current search from Find Results (= the whole section from "Searching 99 files for" to "9 matches across 9 files").
  • Delete all but the current search (= the search I'm looking at) from Find Results.
  • Delete all but the most recent N searches from Find Results.
  • Fold all searches.
  • Fold all files based on matching file name criteria.  E.g. when searching in my Packages folder, I often get lots of matches in the SublimeCodeIntel package, and it would be cool if I could hide those all in one go.

Add an option to auto-hide minimap -> unhide on scroll or overlay

Olivier Poitrey 7 years ago • updated by Art Lawry 5 years ago 3
The minimap takes some real estate and isn't relevant while editing, but only when seeking for another file location.

Open Containing Folder

Eric Martel 6 years ago • updated by Csaba Bakó 5 months ago 8
When right-clicking on a file tab, it would be useful to have "Open Containing Folder" like in Visual Studio

don't implement everybody's feature request

David Alexander 7 years ago • updated by -2724 7 years ago 3
avoid design by committee!

Sublime Text port on FreeBSD

Abhijit Soman 5 years ago 0
It would be nice to have Sublime Text port for FreeBSD


FTP Integration

Benny Schmidt 6 years ago • updated by Dylan Glockler 5 years ago 10
It would be nice to have integrated S/FTP in Sublime like in Notepad++ right under the or as an sidebar.
I'm now using Transmit and that makes Sublime crash sometimes.

provide a way to flatten sidebar tree structure so it only includes directories with files, like intellij

Brett Dargan 7 years ago 0

some projects have an annoying amount of directories, without files, just more directories to navigate down till you get to files.

intellij and some other editors. 

provide a way to flatten the directory tree. so instead we have a list of shortened dir names for those dirs that contain src files.

in java projects: instead of a collapsed directory tree that needs expanding and takes up lots of space in the sidebar with uninteresting dirs like: src/main/java/com/blah/blah...
allow a view with a list like structure:


Code-Completion Capabilities

psionicsin 7 years ago 0
I know packages like TextMate and DreamWeaver have this off the bat. Something like this would be great in Sublime Text 2. Pair this is predictive text, and it'd be a HUGE feature!

Plugin API request

reinsteam 6 years ago 0
Hi, guys

Is it possible to extend plugin API for supporting syntax highlighting in plugins ? The main idea is to use SublimeClang plugin to make C++/C syntax highlighting more predictable and precise. it's really hard to achieve such a precise results as, for example, in Source Insight 3 using only regex and without having powerful parser.

As I see SublimeClang developers don't mind to make that functionality (https://github.com/quarnster/SublimeClang/issues/47) The only obstacle is absence of required API

Thank you


FTP and SVN integration

Austin Condiff 7 years ago • updated by Will Bond 6 years ago 3
FTP and SVN integration would be amazing. I currently use Coda, but I love some of the features in Sublime and would switch in a heartbeat if it included SVN and FTP.

Add AppleScript support

Stian Håklev 6 years ago • updated by juan.falgueras 2 years ago 10
I love to be able to script my applications, and build workflows. It would be very useful if it were possible to interact with ST2 via AppleScript. Even a simple bridge that let you execute a command (just like when you're binding keyboard shortcuts) through AppleScript would instantly expose most of the application (because of the way it is built). For example a way for a script to open a new window with two files in each pane, in a certain layout etc. (Dynamically).

Scroll minimap on mouse-over

chaiguy 7 years ago • updated by 5 years ago 5
Currently the minimap is static until you click on it, and the view jumps to the proportional location of the mouse. This is fine for smallish documents, but for very long docs (e.g. 2000 lines), clicking a visual representation in the minimap can end up scrolling somewhere totally else.

I suggest scrolling the minimap as the mouse moves over it such that where you click is where you will ultimately navigate to. Once you mouse off of it, it should go back to the current normal view.