Command Palette should include everything

Oliver Rutherfurd 13 years ago updated by robertcollier4 11 years ago 5

Maybe I'm misunderstanding or missing a setting, but it appears things have have key bindings (Open File, Close File, etc.. don't appear) in the command palette.  This is frustrating as a new user, since I don't know all the shortcuts and why exclude these from the list?

I was just searching for the Enter Distraction Mode command and didn't find it either.. 

Wouldn't this mean that all menu items need to be available as python API commands?
This is probably a good thing, too...
Seems like this is an obvious missing feature, given how great the palette is.  It would aid in discovering new commands, and in accessing commands if you don't know the shortcut.

Missing Palette Commands provides some commands, but many are still missing.
Agreed! There are a number of threads like this, although most have relatively few votes. I believe all commands should be available in some kind of palette, if only to help recall when I can't remember the keypress.
Even a palette that just autocompletes on function names would be great!

Agree. Having to create and update .sublime-commands file each time seems tedious and unnecessary to me.

I would rather only just put the item in a .sublime-menu file. Then a palette would operate upon the contents of the .sublime-menu file which already has the necessary information (caption and command).

Currently I have to update both .sublime-menu and .sublime-commands. Also, I like having the things in the menu in case I forget the name and I want to find the name by category.