Sort files and folders together in sidebar

Joshua Jabbour 9 years ago updated by Michael Avanessian 2 years ago 7
Currently folders are sorted separately above files in the sidebar. Is there any way to have them interspersed? If not, then I suppose this is a feature request...
Textmate 1 sorts folders the same as it does regular files. Texmate 2 provides a preference to turn on/off "folders on top". I'd like to see the same option in Sublime Text 2.
I'd love to see this configurable, too.  Seeing as Sublime Text 2 is Mac/Linux/Windows, it makes sense to allow both sort order styles.
Would love to see this as well. When working with a Mac, where the "folders on top"-style isn't used, it can be very confusing since the same list of files is displayed differently in ST2 compared to every other app. A preference for this would be much appreciated.

also the ability to soft files first and folders second (now it's sorting folders first by default) would be great.

If the Sidebar API were implemented, this would be easy to control with plugins (even if it weren't part of the ST core). Please vote up the Sidebar API ticket!

I could really use this feature. Is http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/19475-side-bar-api/ "the sidebar API ticket" mentioned?

Is there a reason why this feature never happened?  This is main missing feature that's made the sidebar unusable for me.