Quitting should be able keep unsaved files like "Close Project" or project switching does

Oktay Acikalin 13 лет назад обновлен Jon Skinner 13 лет назад 0
When closing a project or switching to another project unsaved files are kept in their state. But if I quit slt2 it asks me to save them. It would be nice to also "keep unsaved changes" like it's already done for the two actions mentioned above.
Jon Skinner 13 лет назад
You can use "Hot Quit" (OS X), or "Hot Exit" (Windows / Linux) for this

Sublime Text 3's new Goto Anything hangs!

Ola Vikholt 11 лет назад 0

Sublime Text 3's new Goto Anything hangs!

Jesus Christ!

Sublime Text 2's Goto Anything (usually Ctrl-P) never hanged. Come on!

Sublime Text 3 boasts of 

  • "Improved matching algorithm used for Goto Anything and auto-complete accepts transposed characters"
but my virgin experience with this version is lag. This is not what I would call an improved algorithm.


Find in Files to open in new dialog

James Brooks 13 лет назад обновлен bronson 12 лет назад 4
Currently the resultset of Find In Files will open in the "Console". To me this is annoying since I may then want to use the console or find again now that I can reference something.

Perhaps show it in one of those popups?

ObamaCare patients with serious pre-existing diseases could face expensive drug costs

jonabilio 10 лет назад 0
People with serious pre-existing diseases, precisely those the president aimed to help with ObamaCare, could find themselves paying for expensive drug treatments with no help from the health care exchanges.

Those with expensive diseases such as lupus or multiple sclerosis face something called a "closed drug formulary."

Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise Institute explains,"if the medicine that you need isn't on that list, it's not covered at all. You have to pay completely out of pocket to get that medicine, and the money you spend doesn't count against your deductible, and it doesn't count against your out of pocket limits, so you're basically on your own."

The plan had claimed it would rescue those with serious pre-existing conditions.

"So it could be that a MS patient could be expected to pay $62,000 just for one medication," says Dr. Daniel Kantor, who treats MS patients and others with neurological conditions near Jacksonville, Florida. "That’s a possiblity under the new ObamaCare going on right now."

In fact, one conservative group, Americans for Prosperity, is running an ad on exactly this subject, featuring a woman with lupus, an auto-immune disease.

She starts by saying, "I voted for Barack Obama for president. I thought ObamaCare was going to be a good thing."

But Emilie Lamb says she later got a letter saying her insurance was canceled because of ObamaCare, pushing her premiums from $52 to $373 a month.

"I'm having to work a second job, to pay for ObamaCare,” she adds. “For somebody with lupus, that's not an easy thing. If I can't afford to continue to pay for ObamaCare, I don't get my medicine. I don't get to see my doctors."

One of the problems is that drugs for some diseases such as MS do not have generic versions. So without cheaper alternatives and no help from ObamaCare, patients could face huge personal out-of-pocket bills, forcing some to skimp on their medications.

Kantor worries that "this may drive more patients" to not buy their medicines, "which we know is dangerous," he says. "We know MS can be a bad disease when you’re not treating it. When you’re treating it, for most people they handle it pretty well, but we know when you don’t treat (it), it’s the kind of disease where people end up in wheel chairs potentially."

In the commercial market, of course, drugs not on a preferred list would also be more expensive, but with a major difference, according to Gottlieb.

"You go outside that list, you have to pay out of pocket for it, but you do get some co-insurance, meaning the plans will pay some of the cost of that."

Some say ObamaCare hoped to do better on that problem but ran out of time. Matthew Eyles of Avalare Health, a consulting firm, says although officials wanted "to be able to make sure that all the systems were operational in 2014, they realized that they needed to give an extra year to get those systems changes in place."

Officials intend to try again next year.

Additional benefits cost more, though, meaning premiums would have to rise, or the networks of providers would shrink even further.

Tab drag and drop bug

Clement JACOB 12 лет назад обновлен 12 лет назад 0
On Windows, when drag and dropping a tab to create a new Sublime window, the title bar can be out of screen depending on dropping position. This makes the new window useless because it can't be moved anymore since the title bar is out of screen. It would be great if you clamp the new window position to let it in screen area. Thanks.

On windows tab tooltips for tabs close to right border of screen are cut off

Michal Gebauer 12 лет назад обновлен 12 лет назад 0
Image 89

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel

Robert Kotov 10 лет назад 0
I booked a vacation from Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours and I can say it was the best vacation ever. They booked me at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel and I couldn’t be more happier with their choice. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first set foot in the hotel, the place was simply stunning. My expectations from a 5-star hsotel were all met. I love my stay at the hotel and it made my whole vacation more enjoyable.

It was so relaxing that after a long day of exploring the city I look forward on going back to the hotel and pamper myself.

The first thing I tried was their sauna and the outdoor pool. Perfect after a long air trip. All the tiredness were all gone. Although I did not try their wellness centre and the fitness centre because I have no time to do so, I did try to visit and check it out. I was so impressed with all the facilities, all were modern and up-to-date. Too bad I didn’t get to try an executive floor and a poolside snack bar. But of course I checked them out too, those wouldn’t skip my eyes. Not to mention all the staff were very friendly and approachable.

I am a self confessed workaholic and I couldn’t afford not to check on my business every once in a while even though I am on vacation. I am very thankful that Pullman Jakarta Indonesia provides Wi-Fi within the hotel, meaning I never had a problem staying connected during my whole stay.

All rooms were air-conditioned, I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. My room was very modern and large, I have a mini bar and a flat-screen TV. And my private bathroom and shower, I was impressed! I just loved it, very comfortable. My only complaint was I couldn’t adjust my air-conditioner’s thermostat. I ended up too cold in the middle of the night, but that was just it.

The hotel restaurant is open for breakfast and serves Japanese, International and Asian dishes and of course the authentic Jakarta dishes were also served.

I also loved the fact that the hotel has a very convenient location, it is within a 10 minute walk of Merdeka Palace, Jakarta Cathedral and Gedung Kesenian Jakarta and within a 20 minute walk is the National Monument. The multilingual staff at the hotel will make sure your stay is comfortable. But just a warning though, be very cautious with the scam some taxi drivers are pulling more especially to tourists.

Here are some general information, I thought these might help you.


Room Service, Restaurant, Bar / Lounge, Air Conditioned, Mini Bar, TV, Shower, En suite, Private Bathroom, Private Toilet, Poolside Bar


Fitness Room/Gym, Massage / Beauty Centre, Bath / Hot Tub, Garden, Salon, Massage, Spa & Wellness Centre, Beauty Salon


Business Center, Concierge, Elevator / Lift, 24-Hour Reception, Dry Cleaning, Babysitting / Child Services, Banquet Facilities, Conference Room(s), Currency Exchange, Multilingual Staff, Safe-Deposit Box, Secretarial Service, Porters, Wake-up Service, Meeting Rooms, Laundry Service, Photocopier, Ballroom, Executive Floor, Luggage Storage, Shops in Hotel, Self Laundry


High-speed Internet is available at this hotel. Wireless internet on site


Valet parking is offered at the hotel

live preview like coda does...for web designers

Bima 12 лет назад 0
live preview...for web designer, theres no such thing in windows based text editor & not every designer use mac offcourse...just like *panic CODA does.. 

Need help please.

HBOSOFFICE 11 лет назад обновлен sqlitedog 11 лет назад 5


I am new at using Sublime, can anyone send me tutorial to set it up correctly, I am solely on a Mac Lion. I will use the Sublime editor for HTML5 / CSS / jQuery / PHP / Javascript and Python. I could not find HTML5 on the syntax. 

Thank you.


not sure where to report bugs

Adam Murphy 12 лет назад обновлен 12 лет назад 0
not sure where to report bugs, but i'm totally bummed my downloading of a new copy of ST2 killed my customized twilight theme :[

i had a custom version of it i'd made, thought i had a backup, bummer man.

Add ability to map arrow keys to keyboard shortcuts

mattcdavis1 13 лет назад обновлен Jon Skinner 13 лет назад 1
Add ability to map up, down left and right arrows as keyboard shortcuts.  For example ctrl+i = up, ctrl + k = down, etc.  I was able to do this with PHPStorm editor and I really loved this feature because I didn't have to move my hands away from the main keyboard area to move the cursor.
Jon Skinner 13 лет назад
All key bindings are configurable - take a look through the default key bindings from the preferences menu

Make a fullscreen mode without using the OS X Lion full screen junk

Alexander Rechsteiner 13 лет назад обновлен Jon Skinner 13 лет назад 0
The only way I discovered so far to make Sublime 2 full screen is the OS X Lion standard way. However, this full screen mode is unusable since it blacks out the secondary monitor.

I would like to code on my main monitor in full screen mode and watch a webcast / training video on my notebook screen. With OS X Lion full screen this is not possible.

Also see:
Jon Skinner 13 лет назад
You can use the use_simple_full_screen global setting for this

Show date and time in status bar when in fullscreen mode

Oktay Acikalin 13 лет назад обновлен aristidesfl 12 лет назад 8
When working in fullscreen mode I sometimes want to know the current time and day (number) without going elsewhere. Showing something like "13:37, 14" or "1:37 pm, 14" sitting at the right of the status bar would be enough.
What do you think? Nonsense? Overkill? Useful?

Technology Of Silos Production - JMA Group Boiler Room Reconstruction

paulverhoeven 10 лет назад 0

Reservoirs, tanks, bio-stations, halls

The firm JMA stavební is the owner of equipment for the manufacture of TBS System reservoirs (Twin Border System). This technology is based on the production of reservoirs (silo, hall or other products) by winding the continuous metal strip along the helix and the sophisticated hooking of the overlapping strip edges. What this system enables is the fabrication of objects with a circular floor projection with properties so unique that they beat other silo or reservoir erection technologies in many respects. The jacket is wound using machinery. A ring beam, which a roof can be attached to in case of need, is bolted to the upper edge. The jacket is connected reliably with a flat or conical bottom over its entire circumference. As a matter of fact the whole delivery shall be carried out in compliance with the applicable standards. The production equipment winds the jacket on site.

The TBS System? That’s what concrete cannot offer tanks.

Thanks to its original wall construction, the Lipp system enables the application of far more favourable wall building (filling, stirring and extracting) technologies and assembly procedures for other elements such as outlets, sockets or ladders. We are able to deliver a filling or emptying technology designed in the same way as other tank manufacturers, only with the advantage of emptying the tank through the bottom outlet which presents the fastest, most reliable and cheapest tank-emptying method.
The inner stainless container needs no maintenance even after years of operation.

100% stainless environment

All containers for liquid or agricultural liquid manure are made of dual material. Internal walls form a 100% stainless maintenance-free environment with a service life of longer than 30 years. The smooth internal surface prevents future deposition of impurities on the walls. The external wall is always hot-dip galvanized and it can be treated with an arbitrary paint system as required by the customer.
We pay attention to the quality, even in details – each external element is stainless or galvanized at the customer’s discretion.


The reservoir jacket is neither bolted nor welded so no failure may occur to bolted or welded joints.

Low investment costs

- Saving in the building area – it is possible to save the building area as required with greater jacket height and smaller jacket diameter.
- Rate of construction – the process of winding takes from several hours up to a max. several days. There is no need to erect scaffolding to fit the required structural elements and paint the jacket. The machinery is attended by three operators on average. Depending on its size and complexity the complete manufacture and erection of the reservoir thus takes from 5 to 14 working days.
- Great variability of the construction – from 3.5 to 40 m in diameter, the volume is only limited by the structural statics. Thus it is possible to accomplish volumes from 20 up to 6,000 m3.
- No standardised diameters – the system adapts to your needs “within a centimetre”.
- Possibility of roofing – all structures can be roofed with a solid roof, tarpaulin or membrane roof.
- Easy dismantling of the structure
- Long service life and low maintenance costs

The firm JMA stavební, Ltd.

The firm JMA stavební, Ltd. further specialises in the realisation of civil and industrial structures in the role of general supplier or possibly the realisation of partial building processes carried out for a general builder. The firm is ready to carry out any building works from pouring concrete to reinforcing works, formwork, brickwork, erection works, carpentry structures, tiling, paving, plasterboard structures, heat cladding systems and internal as well as external renderings of various levels of complexity proposed in various technologies.

JMA quality

The professional quality of JMA stavební is confirmed by the acquired ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005, ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008 Certificate.

Add ability to show/hide word wrapping column

Metin Amiroff 13 лет назад обновлен Jon Skinner 13 лет назад 3
Please add ability to optionally showi a vertical line (margin) when wrap_width is set to a particular width..

Anonymous recent projects

adzenith 13 лет назад обновлен Oktay Acikalin 13 лет назад 3
I'd like it if I didn't have to save a project in order for it to show up in my recent projects -- if I add some folders and edit some files, then it'd be really sweet if that project showed up in the recent projects list, just like how recent files that aren't part of a project show up in Goto Anything.

No way to get from Distraction Free to Fullscreen mode.

qay xsw 13 лет назад 0
When in Distraction Free mode (Shift+11) pressing F11 does not enter full screen mode but normal mode even so Full Screeen mode as used before Distraction free mode.

Cameron links typhoon Haiyan to climate change

Jaine yie 11 лет назад 0


There is growing evidence that climate change is causing more extreme weather disasters such as the Philippines typhoon, David Cameron said.

In remarks likely to infuriate the green sceptics in his party, the prime minister gave his first acknowledgement that global warming may be linked to increasingly intense storms across the world.

The remarks are Cameron's strongest defence of climate change science for a while, after repeated accusations that he has retreated from his pre-election pledge to run the greenest government ever.

Despite urging people to "vote blue, go green" in 2010, he has not given a full speech on the issue nor attended a UN environment summit since becoming prime minister.

Under pressure from many backbenchers, he has tightened planning controls on windfarms and pledged to "roll back" green subsidies on bills, leading to fears of dwindling support for the renewables industry.

However, Cameron spoke out on the need to tackle global warming at the Commonwealth summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka, after typhoon Haiyan killed at least 4,000 people and caused devastation across the Philippines.

Asked on Fridaywhether climate change was linked to the Philippines disaster, Cameron said: "I'll leave the scientists to speak for themselves about the link between severe weather events and climate change. But the evidence seems to me to be growing. As a practical politician, I think the sensible thing is to say let's take preventative and mitigating steps given the chances this might be the case."

He added: "Scientists are giving us a very certain message. Even if you're less certain than the scientists, it makes sense to act both in terms of trying to prevent and mitigate."

His comments also coincide with the United Nations talks on climate change in Warsaw, which has seen Japan slash its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and Australia fail to send a minister to the conference for the first time in 16 years.


Open Containing Folder can't work in LAN's project

bindiry 13 лет назад обновлен August Burns 11 лет назад 1
Open Containing Folder can't work in LAN's project,it will open user home folder.

Windows7 32bit

String Functions

hamed narimani 12 лет назад в Plugin announcements 0

 You can add make a plugin for string functions.for example lenght calculate, substr , md5 ,  ...

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