Show date and time in status bar when in fullscreen mode

Oktay Acikalin 13 years ago updated by aristidesfl 12 years ago 8
When working in fullscreen mode I sometimes want to know the current time and day (number) without going elsewhere. Showing something like "13:37, 14" or "1:37 pm, 14" sitting at the right of the status bar would be enough.
What do you think? Nonsense? Overkill? Useful?
Not a crazy idea at all really. I like it personally.
As long as this doesn't spawn some people asking for sublime
to support current song playing and facebook status.
And google calendar, and jabber status, and coffee status ^^.
Couldn't you do this pretty simply with a plugin?
One can only print a short timed status via sublime.status_message(). But this also requires hitting a key combo and messing with the status message. I think the status message should not be influenced/overwritten by a clock in any way :).
Couldn't you just use set_status to put a permanent clock there, and set_timeout to update it once a minute? You could have an on_activated callback to start the clock if it's not running or something.
Uhh - you're right. It's not pretty, it's left aligned, but it might help... I'll try to write a little event listener to test it out..
I had the same problem before, but, how hard is it to press cmd+tab and many frequently do you need to see the time?