curlftps and remote editing

Всеволод Иванов 7 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 7 years ago 1
sometimes i really need to edit something remotely, and mount some ssh\ftp servers as folder. In sublime i cant delete any file, folders have really long response time, and saving file is really long.. fix it please

Haskell: ctrl/cmd-r for data and type definitions

Karl Smeltzer 7 years ago 0
It would be quite nice if the "go to symbol" functionality accessed via cmd/ctrl-r would also locate data and type definitions in Haskell. Discarding complicated language extensions, I think it would be possible to just look for code of the form:
data name1 = ...
type name2 = ...
newtype name3 = ...

Cmd-W on the About window does not work

filipp 7 years ago 0
Steps to reproduce:
Choose Sublime Text 2 > About. Try to close the window using Cmd-W.
Expected results:
The window should close
Actual results:
The window does not close
Tested using ST 2210, OS X 10.7.4

Diff sidebar

GarciaWebDev 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 2
Have a diff sidebar like the one in NetBeans. You edit the file and it marks the new, modified and removed lines with color near the line number.

Return to lower indent level after using finishing words

Denis Tomilin 9 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 9 years ago 1
It's work in VIM and most ppl wants it in ST2. In VIM, it works on the editor layer, it isn't language-specific. Languages need to set just words for this function.

Option to change which side of the screen the file browser is on.

Brennon Loveless 7 years ago 0
Ability to select which side of the screen the file browser is loaded on either the left or the right. I prefer mine on the right. I assume this would coincide with the ability to change the side of the window that the minimap is on.

Autocomplete with TAB does not work when inside a snippet

Κώστας Καραχάλιος 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2
When initiating a snippet (eg def<tab> in a Ruby file), the autocompletion with the tab key does work properly (instead, it triggers inside the snippet).

SublimeText2 - 2165

moving folded blocks

Khalis Totorkulov 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0
If I try Ctrl+Up or Down on a line to which code block was folded it does something strange.
Expected behavior would be to move that line Up or Down, while it is still folded.

Differentiate HTML Tag

Alexander Elisenko 8 years ago 0

It would be great if the syntax highlighting for HTML tags could differentiate between tags. For example have all the HTML tags associated with forms in a different color then the rest of the tags for easy code browsing.


It would be great to have a path bar like OSX finder for fullscreen mode

Chris Guilbeau 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0

Auto copy/paste changes in default preferences to user preferences

Jethro Flanagan 7 years ago 0

Any changes in the default preferences don't actually occur in that file, but are automatically pasted through to the user preferences. This saves on copy/paste time, helps new users deal with how the preference system works, and can automate copying comments through, too.

e.g. editing 

"font_size": 10, to "font_size": 12, in the defaults will actually add that change to user preferences, while leaving the default as it was. 

It would be helpful to have a small tooltip or something similar notifying the user of this.


Bottom Bar: show more file Infos/modes, don't let messages displace those..

jeandeluxe 7 years ago 0
Currently (2181@OSX) ST2 has some weaknesses in what and how it shows infos in the bottom bar:

  1. Generally rather few infos of what might be interesting at a glance or direct access..
  2. Ad hoc messages displace the static infos ..

Coming from jEdit i'm used to some more usefull infos or mode toggles - which i find mostly valuable - plus the concise way jEdit presents those.. see this comparison screenshot ST2 vs. jEdit .. it shows:

  • Line, (ST2)
  • Column (ST2)
  • (Offset, (usefull)
  • Total) (usefull)
  • |Syntax (ST2)
  • |EditMode (no equivalent-> maybe use some ST2 info or mode )
  • |Encoding (ST2)
  • |WordWrap (very usefull, jEdit has 3 modes: normal,hard,soft)
  • |SelectionMode (no equivalent-> maybe use some ST2 info or mode ) 
  • |RectangularSelection (no equivalent-> maybe use some ST2 info or mode) 
  • |InsertMode (no equivalent-> maybe use some ST2 info or mode ) 
  • |LineSeparator|(usefull)
  • JavaHeap (irrelevant)

As u can see, jEdit stuffs a lot of usefull infos/modes in little space (has tooltips if in doubt) ..


Per TAB word wrap

Rafal W. 7 years ago 0

Per TAB character word wrap.

Similar to Word/Excel.




endforeach php tag

matthewfedak 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0
I have noticed that while sublime text 2 can help with predictive text on creatong a php foreach loop it does not have suggestive text built in for short hand php. i.e. if I want a foreach loop like, it will not prompt with an endforeach; if you need one.

Allow sidebar border to be themed

Aparajita 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1
2088 added a border on the right side of the sidebar, which is great, but it's a little too dark for my taste. It would be nice if it could be themed, since the rest of the sidebar can be.


cheema 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Make tab handling work like in a browser, especially Chrome

Philipp 8 years ago 0
Sublime 2 looks a lot like Chrome which I appreciate very much.

However, because the two look alike, I also expect Sublime to work like Chrome in many regards.
For example:

CMD + t should open an empty document in a new tab
CMD + n should open an empty document in a new window
Dragging the last tab from an empty window should close it

When I close a tab, the next tab should slide over so that its close button is exactly where the close button of the previous tab was (Chrome does this). Right now, when I want to close multiple tabs, I have to reposition my cursor after each click. This is not optimal.

There is probably a lot more that Sublime could learn from Chrome. An "app store" for user generated extensions would be great as well.

The Michael Shearin Group: Our S&P 500 Forecast - 2,014 in 2014

Malik Rajit 6 years ago 0
Adam S. Parker, Ph.D.
US Equity Strategist
Morgan Stanley & Co.

Our 2014 forecast for the S&P 500 Index is 2,014. That may look like a big number, but it doesn’t take a giant leap to get there. It represents 9% potential upside from the 2013 close, driven by our estimate of 6% operating earnings growth, net 3% share repurchases and modest expansion of the forward price/earnings (P/E) multiple. Relative to our prior view, this represents about a 0.8 turn more in the P/E multiple—and there is potential for more. The low dispersion of price/forward earnings and higher company-specific risk lead us to conclude that a more concentrated portfolio will be prudent this year.

Multiple Expansion

Since last March, we have been sanguine on US equities. Our logic has been driven more by lack of a bear case than the strength of the base case. We have seen three turns of multiple expansion in the last two years as the P/E moved to 15.1 from 12.0—only the fourth period with this level of expansion over the past 40-plus years. Obviously, a sample size of three isn’t statistically significant, but the prior three periods were followed by a continuation of the rally for another 12 to 24 months, as momentum typically persists. The only thing people are worried about currently is that no one is worried about anything, which isn’t a real worry.

In order to time the impossible—the inflection point—we remain focused on what could cause fear about a materially lower earnings trajectory, or even what could introduce volatility into the earnings estimates. The answer: not much right now. We need to see more capital spending, hiring, inventory and mergers-and-acquisitions activity in order to be more fearful of a material earnings decline as these costs get put in place and turn out to be imprudent. We would look for backlog extensions from the technology and industrials companies or increases in book-to-bill ratios as signs demand is improving and spending is imminent. The most pronounced risks remain: demand weakness in the emerging markets, which has been indicated by some large US multinationals; a policy error from the Federal Reserve; and a strengthening dollar, which can be a drag on profits earned overseas by US companies.

Above Consensus
With a 2% dividend yield, a 3% net buyback and mid-single-digit earnings growth, a big down market is akin to calling for a double-digit contraction in the market multiple. We don’t think that’s likely. We are still optimistic and wouldn’t be surprised to see the S&P 500 remain robust. Our target for 2014 will likely be above Wall Street’s consensus. The dream of a steeper yield curve, a belief that the Fed can distinguish between tapering and tightening, and the lack of a credible bear case in earnings could drive further multiple expansion. Upside from economically stronger China and Japan could also help. In fact, it isn’t preposterous to say that we could be in an environment of synchronous global economic expansion in 2014 that isn’t fully in today’s prices.

At the sector level, we are upgrading materials to overweight from equal weight, a move driven by chemicals. We are also downgrading industrials to equal weight from overweight and lowering energy to underweight from equal weight. In addition, our strategy recommendations include a preference for small caps over large caps, and we recommend a barbell-like approach, holding both cyclical and defensive companies. We prefer health care to consumer staples, technology to consumer discretionary and chemicals to industrials and energy. Within financials, we prefer capital-market-sensitive banks and asset managers over insurers and regional banks.