"Download newest version?" dialog EVERY time

Stephen Boesch 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by jan otte 6 years ago 2

The dialog box is coming up EVERY time.  It is a major nuisance.


Area position / Find files or in file (ctrl+F / ctrl+shift+F)

~~ 7 years ago 0

Ctrl+T or ctrl+P appears at the top, which is nice. For those two, you search something.

With Ctrl+F or ctrl+shift+F, you also search for something.

Problem : those two windows does not appears at the same position. Coming from textmate, just can't get used to it.

And it makes me think about e! or some eclipse flavors, which is a feeling I'm not looking for.

Is there a way to customize the Ctrl+F or ctrl+shift+F areas, and let them appear as the Ctrl+T or ctrl+P do ?


A few things

bentastic 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 2

my wishes today:

1) While using colums, rows or grid and working on a special file, can open only the file i wish in an new view (like new instance) in fullscreenmode, so i have all the screen just for this one file (maybe a bigger script as the others). When closing or saving or just tipping in the file, the original in colums, rows or grid becomes the same content (just mirroring in the new view).

2) Make borders in colums, rows or grid flexible to move right/left/up/down. Fe: in grid moving the top vertical border from group 1 and 2 a bit to the left, but vertical border of group 3 and 4 stays in the middle. 

3) When working with two or more monitors and using ST2 and one Browser (for example), i wish to have a new instance in Montor 2 without TAB (means: not TAB monitor 1 (ST2), TAB monitor 2 (ST2), TAB browser; i wish to TAB just ST2, TAB browser, TAB ST2, TAB browser,...

4) Show/hide MiniMap for each file separatly (just for this and for this file for ex.)

5) MULTILINGUAL (wanna got german and german dictionary)

So far, sublime text is the best and nicest editor i got (and i got many editors for editing HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL,...). The last few years i used Notepad++ most of my time, now i got Sublime and i love it!



Browse for Folder Dialog - Clipboard

Jeff Sheldon 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 0
Would be nice if the default 'Browse for folder' location was the path I had on the clipboard if any.

Force sublime text 2 not to load python files under a plug-in's directory

Filipe Cabecinhas 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 1
Is there a way to tell sublime text 2 not to load certain files from my plugin directory? Either not load files under a certain directory (blacklist), or "only load these files" (whitelist).



Fold Away Non-Matching Lines

Eric Meyers 7 years ago 0
Back in my IBM 3270 mainframe days we used an editor called XEdit. It had a neat feature whereby you could hide away all lines in a file not matching a pattern or keyword.

There is something similar for Vim, called foldsearch (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2302).

I suspect some smart person could write a Sublime plugin to do this. Maybe one exists and I haven't found it yet.

Default keybindings should match default Xcode bindings

Brandon Fosdick 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 2
For example, Option-Command-Arrow triggers code folding/unfolding in Xcode, but it changes tabs in ST2. Switching tabs in ST2 could use the Ctrl-Command-Arrow shortcut that's used for history forward/back in Xcode, or it could use Shift-Command-SquareBracket, to be consistent with Terminal's shortcuts.

Control-drag selection to immediate next line

Caleb Anderson 7 years ago 0
I often select multiple lines to duplicate. When using the mouse I select my desired lines and control-click the selection and drag down. My intent is to duplicate the selection to the very next line. However, currently the caret is only allowed to get as close as the beginning of the next line, which breaks the flow. The expected behavior is to be allowed to start at the end of the selected text.

I have the following text:

"Something different"

I want to add 4 more lines and change a small bit of each. I want this to be immediately after the first four lines.
I select the first four lines of text by clicking to the right of the end of the fourth line and dragging up to the blank space above (or the end of the line above). I then hold control and click on my selection and start dragging to duplicate the text.

The best output I can get is:


"-I/path/to/myproject/includes/evenmorethings","Something different"

If I could position the caret at the end of the selection I could get:

"Something different"

Make a fullscreen mode without using the OS X Lion full screen junk

Alexander Rechsteiner 8 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 8 years ago 0
The only way I discovered so far to make Sublime 2 full screen is the OS X Lion standard way. However, this full screen mode is unusable since it blacks out the secondary monitor.

I would like to code on my main monitor in full screen mode and watch a webcast / training video on my notebook screen. With OS X Lion full screen this is not possible.

Also see:
Jon Skinner 8 years ago
You can use the use_simple_full_screen global setting for this

Bigger resize-editor-pane active area

Robert McLarty 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 0
The area beside the scrollbars which activate the "resize editor pane" functionality is too small (less than 5px wide). I resize multiple panes regularly while working, so I always run into the difficulty of performing this action. I like how this area is big in Vim making it extremely easy to do this.

I also love Sublime's zoomed-out map of the opened file. Why couldn't the vertical scrollbar just disappear (leaving it's whole 20px width for easy resizing) and just use the Sublime file navigator as the only vertical scrolling control?

can not type Vietnamese language

Phi Tống 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 0
althought i reopen file with encoding is UTF-8, but i can not type Vietnamese language, example i want type "ắ" but i can only type "ă"

codeintel baked in

Stuart Innes 7 years ago 0
would like to see the Komodo codeintel engine baked in since its been broken for a while as a 3rd party download.



Can't type "ł", but other polish characters works.

HahiSerw 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 1
Even "Ł" works! I didn't find any keyboard shortcut like "ALT+L".

sftp syncing doesn't convert local timestamp to utc before remote server comparison

Jeremy Fusco 7 years ago 0
This results in the remote always being newer by several hours if you are west of the Atlantic which requires you to set 

 // This plugin doesn't appear to convert time stamps to UTC before comparison.

  "confirm_overwrite_newer": false,

in sftp-config.json


italics vertical alignment

Andy Warner 8 years ago • updated 8 years ago 0
The italic text does not line up vertically with normal text

[AppleScript ] Lines started with "#" are not being recognized as comments

Artem Gordinskiy 6 years ago 0

You could read about AppleScript comments in the AppleScript Language Guide.


Same in the third version.


Unsaved files

Pedro Murillo 7 years ago 0

If you create a new plain-text file, its first line becomes the displayed name for its tab or sidebar item. How can I disable this?


Mouse buttons can't be captured by external applications (SmartScroll + Wacom Tablet)

Artem Matevosyan 6 years ago 0

I use Sublime on Mac in junction with Wacom tablet and SmartScroll app. I use middle "mouse button" on the pen to grab and scroll. Though the mouse buttons are now customizeable, it is impossible to capture mouse events from outside Sublime. I have seen a lot of frustrated discussions about this on the internet.


Videobash | Jennifer Shearin Group Wellness Coaching - Road to Wellness Less Travelled

Teresa Smith 5 years ago 0
With the upsurge of the wellness industry in the past thirty years, more and more people are living well-balanced and active lives. And as the essential medical knowledge and practices improve even more, we can look forward to more people living up to a hundred years or more, something which was apparently a common thing in ancient times. In certain parts of the world, such as Thailand, Spain, Japan, France and the US, where we can find the most number of centenarians, dietary and lifestyle habits are commonly investigated and emulated as effective means of achieving not just long-life but for maintaining a sense of well-being.

If it was such a common thing for people to live up to a hundred or even much longer in ancient times, how come modern people no longer approach that level of physiological durability? We are more of an exception now rather than the rule in biological longevity. Sea turtles, swans and carps and some other animals have longer average life spans than us humans. And they do not even read bibles and blogs!

But we should not despair as life is, as often said, not measured in the length of one’s life but in the quality of life that one has. What human can survive living in water as tortoises and carps do? Yet the quality of life, not just the length of it, can now be attained through observing certain basic health tips and lifestyle changes any person can do without having to spend so much. And one need not reside in Okinawa or in Nepal to achieve this.

Jennifer Shearin provides a valuable list of how one can attain wellness, and, it follows, a long and happy life. She does not tell her readers to do all, of course. One only has to choose those that fit one’s budget and other conveniences in life.

Take, for instance; tip # 45 on taking up yoga. Yoga, admittedly, has so many health benefits. But such benefits can only be attained through some rigorous body exercises unique to yoga. Here is where many people feel challenged, especially the aged and the physically disabled? What then? As suggested, one must look for other alternatives while trying to achieve the same health benefits.

Certain ancient Chinese breathing exercises are known to provide rejuvenation of internal organs through slow, meditative deep-breathing routines. Almost any person of any age and even with disabilities can practice them. Perhaps, certain body movements, just as certain expensive foods are inaccessible to most people, are not meant for everyone. But there are certainly other ways to get the health benefits through some other means.

And with 74 ways to choose from, Jennifer Shearin has certainly covered most bases when it comes to having a healthy, happy and long life. For that, we can only thank her.

Click here to watch video of Jennifer Shearin Group Wellness Coaching - Road to Wellness Less Travelled.

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