Find in Files to open in new dialog

James Brooks 13 years ago updated by bronson 12 years ago 4
Currently the resultset of Find In Files will open in the "Console". To me this is annoying since I may then want to use the console or find again now that I can reference something.

Perhaps show it in one of those popups?
Does the "Use Buffer" toggle (rightmost button on the left) not do want you want?
"Use Buffer" does indeed do what the poster asked for (actually better).

However, I didn't realize what Use Buffer's function was until I read Jon's comment here; it wasn't clear to me what it would be using the buffer *for*.

If the tooltip read "Show results in buffer" I think this would be more obvious.
A related question. Is there a way to open the file directly from the shown results?

Yes "Show Results in Buffer" is key.  I didn't understand this button either.

Also, is it possible to make Super+Alt+B toggle it?  Reaching for the mouse and hitting such a tiny button ain't a great use of time.  :)