Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


Console Integration

Jack Galilee 7 years ago • updated by Darin Morrison 6 years ago 8
It would be good if there was a bash console instead of the custom console. I'd switch from Vim if I could easily run a terminal at the bottom of my editor window.

utf-8 persian language

Soroosh Karimi 5 years ago 0

it would be great if persian language is the characters are typed seperately!!!    


Highlight lines reported by build system

Sergey Shepelev 6 years ago • updated by FichteFoll 5 years ago 5
Feature request to highlight lines of code reported by build system.

Searching large files is very slow

guillermooo 7 years ago • updated by Mikhail Fludkov 2 years ago 11
Search in a ~30MB file is nearly unusable.

Allow multiple snippets per file

Toby Evans 6 years ago • updated by James Gough 11 months ago 6
Please allow for multiple snippets per sublime-snippet file. eg:


Not a bug

Provide statically linked linux builds

Jeremy Bush 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 5 years ago 9
ST2 is dynamically linked against I have libpng installed on my gentoo system, but it still complains it's missing.

There should be a statically linked build provided.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
libpng1.2 is brought in by the version of GTK that I compile against. Unfortunately, as GTK is LGPL licensed, I'm unable to compile it statically.


integrate some functions ala Light Table

Michiel Klaver 6 years ago • updated by William Payne 6 years ago 6
- Get instant help topics about functions you are using at your code (never leave your active window for documentation searches)
- View direct feedback of code changes
- Display code as blocks inside a table, not multiple files as tabs (all your code visible in a single window, no need for switching tabs anymore)

Full story:


Euphoria programming language

Vadim Tukaev 6 years ago • updated by Daniel Collins 5 years ago 1
Please add support for Euphoria programming language. I promise that I will buy Sublime Text now if I have at least a hope that this language will be added. Probably, this task will be simplified by such fact that TextMate and E-TextEditor already support this language.

Add Grails Support

Dan Polites 7 years ago • updated by Geli Crick 5 years ago 13
Provide support for grails projects.

Make the invisibles setting work

kapooostin 7 years ago • updated by Dimitar Dimitrov 6 years ago 3