Your comments

Perhaps it should be configurable whether one wants either one of these:
* Show symlinks as symlinks. Hitting them jumps to the original file or folder in the tree view.
* Show symlinked folders and files ghosted. Hitting them jumps to the symlink tree node which shows the contents.
I rather like the first one. It's far more near the filesystem and less confusing.

Nobody says something like "we don't need it" - in fact I really like the idea. It's just that xml tags are part of xml and not existent anywhere else. Thus this should be defined within the syntax definition of xml. I said "plugin" because I'm not aware of a mechanism within the syntax files which does this. Also "plugin" does not implicate that it's not being shipped with sublime. There are already things that have been merged into the base packages as soon as it made sense. All this let's me think that it's best that someone throws out a working prototype and Jon could decide if and how to merge it into the xml/html packages.

Try doing a right click on a folder in the sidebar to open up the context menu. There should be something like "Find in Folder...". It simply pre-fills the location field for you.
Couldn't we solve this via a little event listener for on_selection_modified? It could search for the next closing tag, then backward and highlight them or something like that.
I say this because I don't think that xml tags are such an universal element like brackets and should therefore not be implemented into the core...
What about using a modified click to leave it open?

I've found two other problems:

  • When having two windows switched into fullscreen mode and switch one back, the other one stays in fullscreen mode but the menu and dock show up again.
  • When closing a window in fullscreen mode and having another window open, it sometimes crashes. Does it help to send you the crash report (which pops up after it has crashed)?

There's a bunch of people out there who want to be notified on new versions.
Perhaps you want to request some buttons like "ask me later" or "don't ask me again".
Seems to be in build 2050 - nice :).
If that's for a single file only, we already have the possibility to outline it. Question is whether a proper symbol list extractor has been created in the language package. Have you tried "Goto Symbol"?