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Jon already implemented an API for auto completion. Someone else can now build the proper data flow for Zend or whatever you use. But as Jeff already mentioned, a good completion is a big project for its own. Perhaps you try to find another project which already does this for e.g. Zend and try to integrate the lib into Sublime using the auto completion API.
Cannot view the png file *sigh*: "Error (403) It seems you don't belong here!"
I could imagine having this activated for plain text files only. But most of the time I don't need it...
Uhh - you're right. It's not pretty, it's left aligned, but it might help... I'll try to write a little event listener to test it out..
One can only print a short timed status via sublime.status_message(). But this also requires hitting a key combo and messing with the status message. I think the status message should not be influenced/overwritten by a clock in any way :).
I'm actually using my "Horizontal Triple Split Pane Layout" :). You can copy it from here:
And google calendar, and jabber status, and coffee status ^^.
Have you tried to copy+paste+modify an existing layout? They are defined within the key binding and menu files.
Sublime uses the foreground color to fill those regions. So set your foreground color to your reddish one. You also might have to close and reopen your file to see the changes.