Quad Vertical Pane?

Jeff Yeo 13 years ago updated by Oktay Acikalin 13 years ago 4
I have 2 Wide screen monitors. I loved using 4 vertical panes in sublime text 1. I realized you can't do that in Sublime 2.
Bring it back please!
Have you tried to copy+paste+modify an existing layout? They are defined within the key binding and menu files.
You can get the same effect by using ST2's multi-window support.

Drag an open file's tab from the tab bar to somewhere outside of ST2. When you release the mouse button ST2 will open a new window for that tab. You can then set both ST2 windows to dual-pane-vertical layout, hiding the sidebar with Ctrl+B in one of them if desired.
Oktay: That's cool. I didn't think about that one. It seems it's totally possible to have four or more panels in whatever way.

Joel: That option is out, because two separate windows of ST2 cannot share a project. I guess you can make two duplicate projects but that sounds dumb.
I'm actually using my "Horizontal Triple Split Pane Layout" :). You can copy it from here: http://pastie.org/1671076