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Yes, we just need more possibilities. I too started to create a milky theme for OSX (basically the original one but 50% brighter) but cannot finish it due to lacking docs/knowledge and variables.
I've solved this by using something like "/app con".
Alternatively I could also think of a "maximize pane" function which would "push away" all other panes - which should also work with the quad pane layout.. But I prefer the minimize functionality due to having more control over things..
Hmmm... I also would like to use the escape key for completion. So I came up with this key binding:

{ "keys": ["escape"], "command": "auto_complete", "context":
{ "key": "selection_empty", "operator": "equal", "operand": true, "match_all": true },
{ "key": "preceding_text", "operator": "regex_contains", "operand": "[\"a-zA-Z0-9_]$", "match_all": true },
{ "key": "following_text", "operator": "regex_contains", "operand": "^(?:\t| |\"|'|.|,|\\)|]|$)", "match_all": true }
It seems that you can do it like this:
* Click on e.g. "Horizontal Double Pane Layout".
* Go into one pane and load a file.
* Go into the other pane and load that file again using "Goto File".

But there seems to be a on_clone event in So I hope that we can do this a little bit easier in the future.
You could have used which does not add the shebang and encoding line, but.... I'm happy now ;).
Nice - thank you! It does work around the problem I have and does the correction by using scroll_lines.

Some things regarding the code:
* Missing the import sublime_plugin line.
* One should really push it thru PythonTidy ;).
* It does center on the beginning and not the whole selection. We should probably fix that some time...

Nevertheless would it be nice if Jon corrects the wrong movement or at least does explain why that happens. But no hurry, there are more important things to implement or polish for now.
Just for everyone who haven't noticed yet:
Of course this might be much faster when implemented in the core instead of a post processing plugin..