Your comments

Nice work!
Perhaps only highlight after 3 or more chars have been selected? And also make this customizable. I fear that selecting a single letter in a large file (>80MB) might ddos sublime :). And selecting a single letter is always happening when starting a selection via the cursor/arrow keys...
Also whitespaces should be stripped - at least I don't really see sense in selecting a massive amount of indents :).
What about being able to unfold open files which have bookmarks and show each region as a child node in the tree?
Have you tried to write a plugin which first asks for user input with the default build command pre populated and than executes it in the console view?
Please take a look at this:
It covers bash and virtualenv but could be easily adopted to other languages as well.
I really hope that Jon brings something like my arg list wrapper into the core...
Also +1 for "project specific setting/env overwrites".
So without pressing another key combo?
Hmm.. I like the "circles around matches". They easily differentiate from selections and otherwise highlighted text...
Yeah, same at our company. We also thought about having "temporary" or "anonymous" projects. Some of us just work with a bunch of repos for some days and throw the combination away later on.
That's perfectly fine with me. That's why I just voted for Jon's and your comment ;).
Any idea what the project title could look like? At this point it would also be handy to be able to name an "anonymous project".
Yeah and exactly this behavior annoyed me frequently - but don't mind me ^^. I'm very happy with fullscreen vs custom size. The only thing I would change in this area is the default size a window opens within OSX...