OS X Zoom Button Behavior

adzenith 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 10
In OS X, the Zoom button (the green one) is supposed to make the window as large as it needs to be and no larger. Right now the Zoom button expands the window to be the size of the screen. Could this be changed? That way I could use full-screen mode if I want it to be fullscreen, and I could use Zoom to make the window the right size.
Now define "the right size" :).
I already did: "as large as it needs to be and no larger"
I'm sorry but how would you tell that your editor? The view scales as you want. "as it needs to be" is totally subjective.
I can think of rules like:
* Width has to be a minimum of 80 chars (ruler setting) plus mini map.
* Height has to be a minimum of 35 chars.
And let the user override these settings within a settings file.
I believe the usual behaviour is to make the window the minimum size such that no scrolling is required
That's also what I have seen so far - but don't really like ^^.
"as it needs to be" can be subjective, but typically it's not--typically in OS X when you press the zoom button the window grows until it no longer needs scrollbars or until it's the size of the screen. If you frequently use the OS X zoom button you become quickly used to this behavior and it's annoying when an app does it differently. :)
Yeah and exactly this behavior annoyed me frequently - but don't mind me ^^. I'm very happy with fullscreen vs custom size. The only thing I would change in this area is the default size a window opens within OSX...
What if the zoom button did default zoom behavior and then you could use fullscreen mode to go full screen?
That's perfectly fine with me. That's why I just voted for Jon's and your comment ;).
Haha thanks. I appreciate it. :) Unfortunately someone on the internet doesn't like the default zoom behaviour because the idea itself got downvoted.