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AFAIK we need a click_thru setting - similar to X11 on OSX provides... or hardcode it, if flexibility creates trouble here. The default platform specific behavior has priority.
Has been implemented in the latest dev build :).
Yeah, there's also plenty of them for OSX (I'am also using Alfred for this).
Is it a plugin for tm? Couldn't find this functionality in my installation.
You may want to try to write your own build script, make it universal and publish it ;).
At least that's the way I run my Python unit and integration tests.
But thanks go to Jon making it so easy to glue things together...
I think, let it stay as it is by default.
If users want thin scrollbars and switch them on, these should only be visible when scrolling or the mouse is over the border where they live. These users obviously like simplicity. So your original idea "like iOS" could be quite nice.
For the mini map... I could imagine having the same fade effect like the textarea gets for the truncated end of the mini map. So repeating visual signals the user already knows.
The problem is, that the mini map itself scrolls if the code has too many rows. Then the only exact thing would be the scrollbar, which would be no more...
With thin scrollbars I see another problem - people might have trouble hitting it easily.
Seeing the same on OSX with build 2042.

PS Seems like one has to click fast enough...