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I'll see. It has not happened once every minutes but more every hours...
I would prefer like: sublime.Window.status_message()
I fear those IDs might pile up with time and more plugins on the roll. Currently I don't want to fiddle with them.
I would be perfectly fine if they would stay sticky until one does something. The optional flag was just an idea for backward compatibility and not messing with the current implementation.
I could also live with a mix of both like you said, as long as I can set it to something like 30 seconds or more :).
But I could also think of situations, where you would only want it to show for some seconds and not any longer. Perhaps it would be better to let the user define the timeout and the developer if it should be sticky?
This could create conflicts (multiple plugins throwing out messages) and one would have to track status_ids. The messages would have to be joined somehow not to hide some information and the status bar will get filled up soon. I don't think we need this complexity :).
Please don't request features which should be handled by low level tools. There are plenty of tools out there to display remote folders as local volumes/mount points.
This is actually present - just start typing and it pops up a new tab.