FTP synchronize projects like dreamweaver

Renzo Zamora 13 years ago updated by chaos1 12 years ago 6
Allow save and upload files directly in the server. This allow also make fast web projects
I would love this feature.
Please don't request features which should be handled by low level tools. There are plenty of tools out there to display remote folders as local volumes/mount points.
FTP synchronization and working on an FTP share are entirely different things. For example we are working in our local environment to test changes, if everything works its pushed to the FTP server. Mounting a FTP share wouldn't help much.
I would kiss my grandmother's feets for this feature!

Dreamweaver includes this nice to have feature to establish remote connections on the fly, instead of downloading the source from the server and reuploading it back again...

@Oktay: kid, u don't know how to work productive
I wrote a package that provides extensive FTP and SFTP functionality. http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/sftp

What if I just want to sync files from my local repository to my local server dir? (For example, from c:/User/username/Dropbox/projects/myplugin/ to c:/wamp/www/wordbro/wp-content/plugins/myplugin ??? )