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Perhaps show something like this in the window title? - /some/path/to/file
Jon, is it right that the content of the view is already converted into UTF-8?
I already do view.replace() but this cancels the selection. I'm now collecting all regions and do this at the end which works nicely:
[self.view.sel().add(region) for region in regions]

Thanks a lot!

PS You can get it from here: ;)
Copy the "Python.sublime-settings" file into your User folder and modify it there.
The standard Python package sets its own wrapping rule which seems to override your settings.
Try to override the key bindings for the prev_view and next_view commands. Also look at the next_view_in_stack and prev_view_in_stack commands.
"Sublime Text 2" also sounds like "I want to do everything better than before and don't repeat bad habits". IMHO this is a good point in time not to repeat this. It's also better to avoid any exceptions from the standard way, which is being precise.