Add ability to show indentation lines

Metin Amiroff 13 years ago updated by Cees Timmerman 8 years ago 13
Indentation lines/guides make it extremely easy to see code at a glance. Especially when working with languages that depend on indentation, like Python.

See http://www.joeflash.ca/blog/2009/03/indentation-guides-in-flex-builder.html



 This was added in build 2111

I agree! Although, if you select the lines you want to see which are nested, it does display spacing characters. Just show something similar when not selected!
You can show whitespace characters all the time by setting
"draw_white_space": "all"In your user file preferences. This is a little distracting though, and certainly a lot noisier than showing just indentation lines like in the link originally posted.
Just for everyone who haven't noticed yet: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1621&start=0
Of course this might be much faster when implemented in the core instead of a post processing plugin..

Please fix the link.

Looks like an extra semicolon or something in that link. I've been using this and it works great (but haven't stress-tested it for large files)

This will be a great addition to Sublime Text2 which is also one of the reason I not buying this.... since notepad++ has this features.. and moreover its free.
...Is this different from pressing F7?
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Go to this file:

Packages/User/Base File.sublime-settings 

Add this line:

"rulers": [0, 4, 8, 12, 16]

Do you see the lines that have appeared are at every 4th character?
If your tab setting is 4 now you have your tab marks.

Change the settings above to match your preferences.


 There's no need for this anymore..

File settings:

"draw_indent_guides": true

Hooray! This has been added in the latest release, and it even highlights the current indent level.

// Set to false to turn off the indentation guides.
    // The color and width of the indent guides may be customized by editing
    // the corresponding .tmTheme file, and specifying the colors "guide",
    // "activeGuide" and "stackGuide"
    "draw_indent_guides": true,

 This was added in build 2111


Notepad++ highlights the guides along with the braces, which is still missing in Sublime.