Support 'clone' Sublime 1.4 ability

Suresh Malakar 13 years ago updated by Jon Skinner 13 years ago 3
Sublime 1.4 has the ability to have multiple views into the same file, would really like to see this in Sublime2!
It seems that you can do it like this:
* Click on e.g. "Horizontal Double Pane Layout".
* Go into one pane and load a file.
* Go into the other pane and load that file again using "Goto File".

But there seems to be a on_clone event in sublime_plugin.py. So I hope that we can do this a little bit easier in the future.
Suresh, this has been implemented on build 2036 with the File/Clone command. Unfortunately I can't take full advantage of it beacuse in (at least my) Linux OS the Layout options aren't working yet.