Light theme

Sean Gilbertson 9 years ago updated by Daniele Niero 8 years ago 8
A light theme for the tabs, status bar, etc.
You shouldn't request a light theme. That would take too much time from Jon, that could be invested on more useful and productive things. You should request a more theming possibilities! For example, here is my design: http://a.yfrog.com/img616/6518/1bn.png I'll release it as soon as SublimeText will allow me to finish it. We are almost there. Just a few more variables in .sublime-theme JSON.
Yes, we just need more possibilities. I too started to create a milky theme for OSX (basically the original one but 50% brighter) but cannot finish it due to lacking docs/knowledge and variables.
Sublime Text should come with a light theme out of the box. I'd prefer to use an official light theme -- though I do like yours. Post it somewhere?
I would like a light theme too! Tomas can you share yours? That's great already!
I want native Mac theme. I has seen it in screenshots, but don't know where to download it.
I'm using the Soda theme, and it looks great on my Mac: http://cl.ly/3D0c3l3A0h3P3W0W1g0Y
The Soda Themes are simply fantastic!