Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.

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Does SublimeText support programming ligatures font,like Fira Code?

rainki il y a 9 ans mis à jour par Gustavo Reis il y a 7 ans 95

I wish use programming ligatures font like FiraCode in Sublime improve visual performance.

But haven't found the way.



Σωτήρης Φραγκίσκος il y a 13 ans mis à jour par Franklin Yu il y a 7 ans 10
Please provide full documentation for this otherwise excellent piece of software... it's just incomplete and inaccessible without it

Brackets-style Quick Edit feature of in-line CSS styling

Geoffrey Hasson il y a 12 ans mis à jour par piclufunny il y a 8 ans 1
Any plans for a Quick-Edit feature like or does it already exist? Thank you.

RTL Languages Support in sublime text 2

Mahmoud Mohamed il y a 12 ans mis à jour par Mahdi Qomeepour il y a 4 ans 9
Support for Arabic Language "RTL" , Please
Sublime Text 2 is just perfect but there is now support for "rtl" languages like Arabic and look like this :
Image 123

I love sublime text 2

iandennismiller il y a 13 ans mis à jour par Dorthy Streifel il y a 6 ans 12
I love Python, and I love TextMate. It's like you gutted the nasty innards of TextMate and replaced it with a domain-specific python REPL - and it TOTALLY works.

Open Source SublimeText

Michael Bleigh il y a 12 ans mis à jour par il y a 11 ans 8
I love SublimeText and so do many other developers. We also love building on open source toolchains. Now that TextMate is open source I find myself strongly wishing that Sublime would be so as well.

My guess is that you'd be able to get whatever you wanted from the community (do a Kickstarter or other funding campaign, etc) in return for opening up. Think about it!

Filetype icons in the project tree

Russell Keith-Magee il y a 13 ans mis à jour par efwjames il y a 7 ans 14
Adding small, simple icons to project tree entries would make it easier to visually differentiate between folders and files. Making folder names bold would be an added bonus.

Add ability to show indentation lines

Metin Amiroff il y a 13 ans mis à jour par Cees Timmerman il y a 9 ans 13
Indentation lines/guides make it extremely easy to see code at a glance. Especially when working with languages that depend on indentation, like Python.

Jon Skinner il y a 13 ans

 This was added in build 2111


Drag ’n’ Drop files from the filesystem into the sidebar

Michael Kühnel il y a 12 ans mis à jour par Abdallah il y a 5 ans 3

Wouldn’t it be nice if it where possible to drag a file from the »Mac OS Finder« or »Windows Explorer« in a folder within in the sidebar?

In the filesystem the file should be moved (or copied) to that »new« destination.

The main use case is the following:

You downloaded a JavaScript library, jQuery Plugin or whatever on your computer to your download directory. Instead of browsing to your target destination (your project root) within the Finder you could simply drag the file(s) to your editor and drop it at the desired location.

Best regards,



Search & replace across projects/directories

Jordi Boggiano il y a 13 ans mis à jour par Jon Skinner il y a 11 ans 32
It should be possible to perform search & replace operations across all files (just like the search in files dialog works) - if possible with a preview mode, but it's not mandatory.. That's why we have version control after all :)
Jon Skinner il y a 12 ans
This was added in 2139