Σωτήρης Φραγκίσκος 13 years ago updated by Franklin Yu 7 years ago 10
Please provide full documentation for this otherwise excellent piece of software... it's just incomplete and inaccessible without it
Hopefully sales revenue will allow Jon to hire a little help dedicated to strong doco and tutorials. (Have you purchased a license?)
Yes, although I had said I wouldn't, not until proper documentation was ready. Now I m just left drooling, looking at what I could be doing with it if I were a programmer..!!
My advice: make a GH-Pages page at docs.sublimetext.com, and make it a public repo on GitHub. This way, we can all add small changes and additions to the documentation, which removes some of the burden to you, the developer of ST2.
Indeed a public page for documentation would be decent. There's a lot of bits and pieces out there, and people that experiment to figure things out. At the very least it would give a base for Jon to expand on (provided that it meets expectations/style). Worst case scenario it gets discarded later in favor of something he does. In the meantime it would be a collaborative effort to fill in the gaps. Could be worth it.
Another vote for better documentation, especially along the lines suggested by David K. Hess.

Why don't we all offer to help him and make it user contributed documentation.

Documenting this entire product seems like it could take alot of time on your own.


That one is removed? Or set as private?