Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


Drag ’n’ Drop files from the filesystem into the sidebar

Michael Kühnel 5 years ago • updated by Kevin Gutierrez 6 months ago 1

Wouldn’t it be nice if it where possible to drag a file from the »Mac OS Finder« or »Windows Explorer« in a folder within in the sidebar?

In the filesystem the file should be moved (or copied) to that »new« destination.

The main use case is the following:

You downloaded a JavaScript library, jQuery Plugin or whatever on your computer to your download directory. Instead of browsing to your target destination (your project root) within the Finder you could simply drag the file(s) to your editor and drop it at the desired location.

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Allow navigation of the project tree with the keyboard

Russell Keith-Magee 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 5 years ago 22
The project tree (under OSX) can only be interacted with using the mouse. You can't give the project tree focus and navigate or open files using the keyboard.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
This was added in 2139

Add a new flag for view.add_regions() that will force it to draw regions as non-rounded rectangles without border

Wojciech Bederski 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 5
For SublimeREPL termial emulation:

I don't know: sublime.DRAW_RECTANGULAR_NO_BORDER ? :)



Make "highlight matches" easier to see

Luke Scott 7 years ago • updated by Олександр Гончаров 7 months ago 17
It looks like "highlight matches" is a light border around each word. Would be nice if there was something a little easier on the eyes, similar to what Safari does. Currently it's hard to miss, especially with PHP having a light gray background behind it.

Create new files in project

Russell Keith-Magee 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 4
Add the ability to create a new file in a project, under a particular folder. Optionally, enable the use of a stub template to create the new file.
Jon Skinner 7 years ago
There's now a New file context menu option in the side bar in build 2046.

Retain cursor position on file change

Jake Archibald 6 years ago • updated by michael lang 2 years ago 19
When a file has changed, Sublime picks up the change and updates the view. However, the scroll and cursor position are reset to the top.

It would be great if it retained the previous cursor position, even it if was simply the same line & char position (which may be different content following the edit).

Even better, it could try and place the cursor back on the same line even if that line has moved. A diff would provide the info.

An outline pane

ulhume 6 years ago • updated by Merrill Hutchison 7 months ago 20
ST2 is really missing a pane showing currently edited document structure.

This kind of pane can easily be placed under "explorer pane" with a split bar for managing both heights.

Content of this pane should be accessible through plugin API in order to allow them to feed it with the structure which can be :
  • list of functions for a code file
  • list of classes
  • list of identifiers for a css file
  •  etc..
I know there is Ctrl-R, but let's be honest about it, this is just not usable for serious development projects. IMHO this kind of overview is far more useful that minmap or perhaps I missed the real point of minmap (that I personally don't find useful at all).


Real-time collaborative editing

aahlborg 7 years ago • updated by Dorthy Streifel 1 month ago 32
A killer feature would be real-time collaborative editing of a single file via the internet. However, it's really hard to implement and should be considered a feature for 2.5 or 3.0. Please keep it in mind when building the foundation to allow for future improvements of Sublime Text.

Update tabs after renaming file

sofa-420 7 years ago • updated by Anders Ingemann 1 year ago 13
When you rename a file in the sidebar, if you have that file open in a tab it'd be nice if it knew it was renamed, and would save to the correct file instead of essentially copying the new file back.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Added in 2181

Built-in diff for files

otakustay 7 years ago • updated by 杨维杰 5 years ago 10
Is it possible that Sublime provides a built-in diff functionality like vimdiff, which takes 2 files, open in a two-column layout, and gives a side-by-side diff view(not the .diff output)