Filetype icons in the project tree

Russell Keith-Magee 13 years ago updated by efwjames 7 years ago 14
Adding small, simple icons to project tree entries would make it easier to visually differentiate between folders and files. Making folder names bold would be an added bonus.
Icons specific to file type would be awesome as well.

 This is probably one of the biggest current "issues" for me. I find it very difficult to scan my project tree without icons for some reason...

This would be really good, scanning the project tree is quite difficult at the moment.
Agreed, this is a big eye sore for me as well, would love to have the folder and file icons next to the names.
I agree, it is very hard to scan the folder, and it is a surprising usability issue for me.  It would be nice if there was a flexible way to do this because I'd also like to have SCM flags on the files as well.  Git modified/new/etc.
Just wanted to bump on this by saying that I totally agree, it would be so much more easier to navigate. Thanks!
Bumping this again as it would help me out massively - skimming the file list is slow-going without icons.
This is kind of a very big issue for me too! Maybe some people are less "visual" than others but to me its actually very hard to find files in the tree. This is really making me work slower to some extent. I found a soda hack to do icons for folders ( SodaWithFolders.zip ) in this thread: http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/19274-theming-of-the-sidebar/
but file type icons are still not possible with that...

Also for me. It's hard to differentiate folders and files (there is slight color diff, but its hardly visible).  And also add to that folders wich are grouped first.


Where is this "Project Tree"? I was about to suggest a feature to organize project files - by the sound of it it's there? But I can't find it - I must be missing something obious.

File type icons would be very useful, as they convey useful visual information. But I could probably live without little icons of folders to save on the visual clutter because they don't convey any really useful information. Having individual file type icons would already help to distinguish folders from files and the current little arrow icon represents directories well, since "open" or "closed" is the useful visual information for those. So...file type icons would be awesome. But folder icons, I think I'd prefer to not have. My 2 cents.

Here's an update to Soda Light that has folder icons: download via DropBox.

The material theme has icons? In fact I think a lot of themes have icons so this is a simple fix.

This has already been implemented in the base Sublime theme and is actually theme-driven so you could add your own for example.