restart dialog when new plugin is installed

Eliecer Daza 11 років тому в Plugin announcements 0

When some plugins are installed and need Sublime Text restart no dialog or menu exist


give info on what's going on in the status bar

Daniele Conti 12 років тому 0

for example, plugin installing, plugins infos and such


Edit Multiselection Mode

Cédric Néhémie 12 років тому 0

It would be nice to have a special mode for multi-selection that allow to tab between each selection and edit their content individually. The mode could be toggled with a key shortcuts, allowing for sequence such as:
1. I create a bunch of multi selection cursors in the beginning of several lines.

2. I write down some basic affectation such 'var a = 0;'

3. Always in multi selection, I come back to select the 'a' in the previous exemple.

4. I toggle the edit selection mode and I tab over all the 'a' to write a different variable name for each (at that time the individual selection I edit expand itself according to the new content).

5. I toggle back to the normal multiselection mode, which now have all the var name in the selection.

6. I could then repeat the operation with the variable value this time and define for each a different value, without losing my multi selection.



undo history - like are browser

Toby Evans 13 років тому оновлений 13 років тому 0
An undo history list - like a browser - could be neat.
So you can jump back 10 history steps easily for example.
Not sure how you'd label each step though...

vintage mode, "." command repeating

-ML- 12 років тому оновлений 12 років тому 0
after changing a word with "cw" (change word) the command-repeater "." only repeats the last character instead of changing the next word. Same is for "ct" (change to). Is this possible to fix with the vintage implementation?

Peter K 12 років тому 0


Make All features optional!!! :D

Joe DF 11 років тому 0

For example, some don't like autocomplete tips, tabs in titlebar, and others do..
But if its optional, anybody can choose what they want! :D
It would satisfy everybody! Adding profiles, saving these optionss. :)
This will be very interesting!


contextual API help

Martin Mitáš 12 років тому оновлено Chris Broumley 12 років тому 1

Most API documentation today is available on the net. It would be cool to support web search for this. For example consider this use case:

Step 1) In some config file, user can define new seach pattern, e.g. "https://www.google.com/webhp?q=site%3Amsdn.microsoft.com+@SelectedText@" and assign it some hot-key (e.g. <alt>+<f1>)

Step 2) Select some text in a source code (e.g. CreateWindow)

Step 3) Activate the search by hot key.

Step 4) SublimeText would open a browser with the URL defined by the pattern and the currently selected text.


Select text typed since last operation

Brian Vito 13 років тому 0
A command that selects the text just typed in (since the last mouse click or command) like ESC in Smalltalk-80, sam or acme or pressing both LEAP keys together on the SwyftCard or Canon Cat.

Have all the "find" or "goto" functions temporarily overlay or replace the sidebar content.

Todd Lucas 13 років тому 0
Look at Word 2010 for Windows to see a good example of find with provides results with good context.  This should improve the useability of "find" and "goto" commands while retaining maximum buffer space.

Why the password prompt every X minutes?

Pouledodue 11 років тому 0

Sometimes the password prompt pop and I enter the admin password.

It it ok.

The problem is it seems the prompt pop every 5 minutes. Why?


High Contrast Theme & Cursor for working outdoors or in sunlight

Ian Nieves 12 років тому оновлено Vic Johnson 12 років тому 4
high contrast theme for working on the beach or in the sun... ALSO a high contrast cursor (insertion point) so that I can see where the cursor actually is.  Perhaps put a glowing ring around it...  Currently it is so skinny it is impossible to see.

Header Searching

Kris Rye 12 років тому оновлено Fredrik Ehnbom 12 років тому 1
Search the header files which are included (specifically C and C++) for the keyword which is partially typed, akin to the feature which is already added which displays only those which have already been typed, but only broadening the search scope to the headers which were included.

Hide toolbar

Christopher Grebs 12 років тому оновлено Jon Skinner 12 років тому 1
Implement hiding of the tool bar, if you are familiar with the keyboard shortcuts you do not use it that often, and the saved space can be reused with a better purpose.

It'd be great to do this.
Jon Skinner 12 років тому
There is no tool bar in Sublime Text 2

JPMorgan whistle-blower gets $64M for mortgage fraud tips

Stanley Friel 10 років тому 0
Insurance Fraud Certified at Koyal Group
NEW YORK — A whistle-blower will be paid $63.9 million for providing tips that led to JPMorgan Chase & Co's agreement to pay $614 million and tighten oversight to resolve charges that it defrauded the government into insuring flawed home loans.

The payment to the whistle-blower, Keith Edwards, was disclosed on Friday in a filing with the U.S. district court in Manhattan that formally ended the case.

In the Feb. 4 settlement, JPMorgan admitted that for more than a decade it submitted thousands of mortgages for insurance by the Federal Housing Administration or the Department of Veterans Affairs that did not qualify for government guarantees.

JPMorgan said it had failed to tell the agencies that its own internal reviews had turned up problems.

The government said it ultimately had to cover millions of dollars of losses when some of the bank's loans went sour, resulting in evictions and foreclosures nationwide.

“There were a lot of bad loans made during the financial boom, and the United States taxpayer was left holding the bag through the VA and FHA loan programs,” said Edwards' lawyer, David Wasinger. “Hopefully the settlement sends a message to Wall Street that this conduct is not allowed, and that in the future it will be held accountable.”

Edwards could not immediately be reached for comment.

About $56.5 million of Edwards' award concerns the FHA portion of the case, and $7.4 million concerns the VA portion. Wasinger declined to discuss his legal fees.

Edwards, a Louisiana resident, had worked for JPMorgan or its predecessors from 2003 to 2008, and had been an assistant vice president supervising a government insuring unit.

He originally sued in January 2013 under the federal False Claims Act, which lets individuals sue government contractors and suppliers for allegedly defrauding taxpayers. The Department of Justice later joined as a plaintiff.

Whistle-blowers can recover portions of False Claims Act settlements, which often grow if the government gets involved.

Westhill Consulting CCSD About Us

Jamir Pahn 10 років тому 0

The purpose of the CCSD is to:

Image 302Establish and maintain a common standard of procedure codes and narratives that reflect current medical practice within the independent healthcare sector by publishing the CCSD Schedule
Establish and maintain industry standard codes for diagnostic tests (ISCs) which were launched in September 2013 to drive further standardisation of coding
Make this standard available to all those working in the sector at a minimal, equitable charge that does not limit adoption or usage
Update the standard in-line with new technologies and changes in medical practice

Two workstreams are responsible for CCSD work:

Image 303The CCSD Board acts as a steering committee, providing overall direction and strategy and ensures that the CCSD delivers against its strategic objectives

The CCSD Working Group is responsible for ongoing maintenance of the CCSD Schedule. The Working Group discusses and decides the outcomes of any new procedure amendment requests and other changes to the Schedule

More References:


vertically lock current line

Elliott Chenoweth 12 років тому 0

I would really appreciate an option to lock the current line to a vertical position such that there are a constant number of lines before and after. Scrolling would not move the current line.


'Add line before' adds extra indentation level

iconv 13 років тому оновлений 13 років тому 2
If the current line has no indent, Ctrl+Shift+Enter adds extra indentation.

For plain text it should fix spelling errors/

Kyle Bladen 12 років тому 0
For fixing the spelling errors one might make while writing something in this.

Auto Complete doesn't close automatically

jeffhatz 12 років тому 0
I will type text in, and before the auto complete dialog appears, I'll arrow around, sometimes to the next line. However, the auto complete dialog will still appear after the Nms elapses. Arrowing around should cancel the auto complete dialog from appearing.