contextual API help

Martin Mitáš 12 years ago updated by Chris Broumley 12 years ago 1

Most API documentation today is available on the net. It would be cool to support web search for this. For example consider this use case:

Step 1) In some config file, user can define new seach pattern, e.g. "https://www.google.com/webhp?q=site%3Amsdn.microsoft.com+@SelectedText@" and assign it some hot-key (e.g. <alt>+<f1>)

Step 2) Select some text in a source code (e.g. CreateWindow)

Step 3) Activate the search by hot key.

Step 4) SublimeText would open a browser with the URL defined by the pattern and the currently selected text.

I strongly agree with this request. Though I'm pretty good, I certainly don't recall the syntax of every function I ever use in every language I use all the time. A lot of the time I'm off to the web to confirm syntax that I only vaguely remember. It would be ridiculously handy, as it is in other text editors and IDE's to be able to just click on a word and hit <cntrl>-<F1> and blammo, I've got the man page in Chrome.