CSS Code Formater/Beautifier

Sebastián Guevara 6 years ago • updated by freddy yang 6 years ago 2
It will be great to have a built in feature for configuring some of this coding styles aspects:
- Indent css properties by "X" tab/spaces
- Each property on separate line (on/off)
- Opening brace on separate line (on/off)
- All selector for a rule on same line (on/off)
- Blank line between lines (on/off)

GLSL / OpenGL shader syntax highlighting

Shane Stevens 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by Matěj Šimek 6 years ago 2
A GLSL / OpenGL shader syntax highligher pack plugin would be very helpful :)

soft indentation / soft tabs

Collin Donahue-Oponski 6 years ago • updated by hced 5 years ago 9
I would love it if you copied textmate's soft tabs.  I don't want to convert entire files to spaces or tabs and make the file history confusing and/or break other people's indentation that they like.  I just want sublime to auto-detect the tab size and when i'm at the beginning of the line and press the left or right arrow key, it should jump over 4 spaces and look like i'm jumping over a tab.  Another way to put this is that I would love it if my cursor jumped between TAB guides at the beginning of the line.

Thank you for building a life-changing code editor!  My life has been so much easier the last two weeks.

Syntax highlighting for HTML5 unquoted attribute-value syntax

shmuzz 6 years ago • updated by Lance Fisher 5 years ago 1
The HTML package doesn't support HTML5 unquoted attribute-value syntax


Improved performance for large JSON files

Daniel Murray 7 years ago 0
I have some large (~10mb) JSON files, and Sublime doesn't seem to be able to load them in a reasonable amount of time. After they've been prettified (tabs/newlines added) they do load properly, so it's possibly because there are no newlines. Not a huge deal but it would be nice if they loaded as is.

IA Writer Capabilities for Themes (Focus Mode)

Cory Dorning 7 years ago 0

I have yet to find any code editor that implements some of the interesting features that IA Writer has.

Some things of note are the following. I have included the time at which it occurs in the IA Writer video (http://www.iawriter.com/):

- Theme option to toggle menus off as you start coding (:20 seconds)

- Focus Mode: as you click on blocks of code or type within a block of code, the surrounding code would dim via an opacity setting. (:35 seconds)


Find option to not search recursively

Me Whatever 6 years ago • updated by Haidong Wang 4 years ago 2

I think Sublime Text 2 is ok to have a default behaviour to search recursively in the directory tree below the current directory, but this should also be possible to disable via a button.

Thank you,

Allow overriding font in theme

Alexander S. 7 years ago • updated by factormystic 6 years ago 1
As far as I can see, there's no way to override font settings in a theme. I would like to change the fonts (family, weight, size) in the sidebar and tabs.

Smart tabs for code indentation

Matt Long 7 years ago • updated by Kroum Tzanev 5 years ago 3
Just started playing with ST2 today -- so far I love it. One thing I would like to see is better code indenting. The "best" way I've found is "smart tabs" that use tabs for indent and spaces for alignment, See: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/SmartTabs

The best thing about this is that it survives being opened in a variety of editors without looking like garbage.

Open, edit, validate, package EPUB format

Chris Rogers 5 years ago • updated by tomr 5 years ago 1

  • Open and edit within an EPUB archive. 
  • Package a project folder as an EPUB.
  • Validate EPUB package using epubcheck. (lowest priority)


box-sizing CSS property is not recognised

Tom Turton 6 years ago 0
CSS 3 Box-sizing has been available since IE8, but Sublime Text 2 does not recognise it as a CSS declaration. Thus autocomplete does not support the values and the declaration is not coloured in.

Override default associated syntax definition

guillermooo 7 years ago • updated by Phillip Koebbe 6 years ago 7
Association between file types and syntax definitions is established in syntax definitions by means of the "filetypes" element. While normally this works fine, sometimes you might want to use an alternate syntax definition for a file type that already has a generic syntax definition associated with it, and to which Sublime gives precedence. To override the default syntax definition, it would be necessary to be able to specify a preferred syntax definition for a file type. If this preferred syntax wasn't found, Sublime would fall back to the current system.


file_types: { 
"sublime-build": { 
"syntax": "Packages/PackageDev/Support/Sublime Build.tmLanguage",

Filter through command equivalent

Colin Taylor 7 years ago • updated by mc0e 5 years ago 4
Textmate blows but its ability to filter current doc through shell command and back in again is great.

add column rails snippet (mcol)

Mike Emery 6 years ago 0
In TextMate mcol lets you add, rename, and remove columns whereas in Sublime Text 2 it only lets you remove.  There is currently no alternative snippets for adding and renaming columns in migrations.

"Go to anything" (Ctrl+P) shows deleted files

Krzysztof Wolowski 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 1
This happens regardless of weather you delete the file in the sidebar or outside ST2.

Allow "Open Files" to be docked to top of sidebar

Bill Dami 6 years ago • updated by Don Myers 5 years ago 5
I think the sidebar's active/open files list feature would be alot more useful (especially in projects with a big file tree) if there was an option to dock it to the top of sidebar, so it always remains visible instead of scrolling with the rest of the file tree. Optimally it would just resize vertically as files are added/removed from it (maybe have a max height setting too where after a certain point it will scroll itself.)

This would make it a more complete replacement for the tab bar, which I would prefer to hide, as vertical screen space is at a premium compared to horizontal space with widescreen monitors. And I'm the type of person that likes to see as many lines of code on screen as possible.

For a good example of this type of functionality, take a look at Espresso 2's UI (http://macrabbit.com/espresso/). Or even Chocolat (http://chocolatapp.com/).


Run Python script in a virtual environment (virtualenv)

Rob Speer 7 years ago • updated by Jonatas Castório Damasceno 6 years ago 6
The "Build" command for a Python script runs it through the global Python environment, but all my real code lives in virtual environments.

It would be helpful if Sublime Text had a way to choose a Python environment.

Text markers for Folding

greppo 6 years ago 0
Vim supports text markers for folding, by default {{{ and }}} demarcate the start and end of a folding region.   These can be nested.  Typically I include {{{ and }}} in comments to mark logical blocks of code or XML.
I would like a means in the Sublime Text API to create nested folds based on a marker string independent of the syntax.

Clickable urls

wes hardee 6 years ago • updated by Richard Kubina 4 years ago 1
How about having openable urls in documents? Many text editors have this feature; Evernote automatically turns typed links into clickable hyperlinks that open in the browser, and Textmate links are underlined and activated by a shortcut (numpad Enter). 

File association

Andrew Smith 6 years ago • updated by chip siskey 6 years ago 2
I intend to try out sublime text across a number of machines as a replacement to Notepad++. 

I have previously associated a variety of text files (xml, csv, css, html, js, txt, log...) with Notepad++ and now I have to go through the following process with each file type:

  1. Double click my log file (or other)
  2. find it opens with notepad++
  3. close file
  4. right click -> open with .. > sublime text & tick 'always use sublime txt'
It's really slowed down my adoption of sublime text as a text editor. I know it's *very* annoying when *some* applications do this (I'm looking at Windows Media Player here) but in this case I feel it would be totally justified.